How to conceive articles and topics forever


by Burt Dubin on August 19, 2009

How to conceive articles and topics forever



          Here’s an idea you can use to come up with all

          the articles and topics (and answers) you ever need.


          You do not “make” this work.  It is effortless.

          You surrender into it. You allow it to work:


Step One:


          Sit in a straight-back chair.  Sit quietly, your back straight

          and not rigid         , a pad and pen in your lap . . . and your eyes closed.


          Breathe slowly.  Relax deeply.  Feel each part

          of your body doing the breathing;


          Sense your breath in your chest.


          Sense your breath in your abdomen.


          Notice your bodily sensations.


          Sense your breath in your hips.


          Sense your breath in your thighs.


          Notice your bodily sensations.


          Sense your breath in your left foot.


          Etc., etc., etc.  Any part of your body will serve.


          Sense your breath in the big toe of your right foot.


          Sense your breath anywhere you like.


          It is fascinating what attunement does to your bodily sensations.


          What’s going on here?


          You are slowing your brain waves, changing your

          consciousness to the alpha state.  This is a way used

          for thousands of years by sages, shamen, gurus, scholars,

          luminaries, savants, masters, mandarins, adepts, etc..


          I did not make it up.  I discovered it.


          Imagine you are an aspirant who found your

          website and subscribed.


          Ask yourself what this aspirant yearns to know.




          Watch your breath become slower, more relaxed.


Step Two:




          Insights then begin to pop up

          from your subconscious mind.


          Let your eyes half-open (Stay in the alpha state.)


          Write each insight as it comes to you.

          Close your eyes in-between your note-taking.


          This is a classic method to access wisdom

          from the universe.   You magnetize wisdom, insights and     information from the universe to you.


          Do this as often as you desire fresh ideas.


          Do this to attract wisdom from universal intelligence.


          If you believe this works for you, it works for you.


          It is an allowing process.


          With patience and practice it works better and better for you.


          (This seemingly magical power is available to anyone.)


          If you believe this does not work for you it does not work for you.


          The choice is yours.


Step Three:


          Record your insights the moment they arrive.

          Like smoke rings they disappear in a few seconds.


Step Four:


          Make a plan.  Base it on your intuitive insights.  Write it down.

          Write down your plan,  It is imperative that you write it down.       Writing crystallizes thought.   (Otherwise your thoughts quickly        dissipate like smoke rings.)


Step Five:


          Take relentless actions.  Let nothing deter you until

          you actualize your intentions.


Simple, huh . . .


(As uncomplicated as a bare ass . . . )




Jean Paul March 1, 2010 at 8:16 am

I have been doing this… in a slightly different way. Now I think I will do it in an even more powerful way after reading this article. Thanks!

By the way, this is one of the best ways I found for moving forward.

Laura Rodriguez January 8, 2010 at 4:59 pm

Wonderful suggestions! Love them!

Jim Sanfilippo September 3, 2009 at 9:16 am


This blog is awesome!


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