Marketing From the Dark Side


by Burt Dubin on October 8, 2009

Marketing From the Dark Side

Never, I swear to you, never did I think, antipathetic as I am to all things reeking of MLM, that I’d  ever share this with you.  And yet success principles simply are.   Here are the marketing strategies that took Amway (to think I’d even mention that word!) to international market penetration.

What works, works.   Strategies and models that let a kitchen table vision rise to world-wide success are worthy of our study.   Here are the 7 actions that worked for Amway.  And they can work for you.

1. Sell the dream. When you target prospects who can engage you, whether for your services or your products, paint a glowing word picture of the array of benefits awaiting the organization and decision-maker.   Lay it on with a trowel. Make the most of all the truth you’ve got.  Speak of the joy and gratification, the recognition and professional growth awaiting the decision-maker as an outcome of choosing you, your services or our products.  Place the decision-maker in the picture. “Imagine how you’ll feel when. . .”    “Visualize your next Performance Evaluation after you recognize me as the ideal person to add value to your . . . . .  now. . .”

If the fates allow you to be in direct touch with the CEO or EVP, focus on how your intervention will yield outcomes that delight the shareholders, the Board Chair.  Delineate how your products or your services produce more productivity, more profits, greater market penetration, higher market share, better positioning for a brand, etc.   (Emphasize whatever benefits you deliver.)

When you’re in the presence of the decision-maker, do this:  Share a vivid view, an exciting promise of the spectrum of results they create for themselves personally when they abide by your recommendations.

2.         Offer residual benefits, long-term benefits, if  possible. Does the reputation they establish through using your ideas live on for many years or decades?   Tell them so!   Is a passive income stream generated, maybe a bigger retirement cash-flow?  Tell them.  Think this through.  Tell each level the  ongoing benefits of the benefits.

3. Offer a System and tools. People love systems.  This is why franchises do so well.   There’s a system in place.  There’s a road map, a blueprint. There’s a proven way to create desired outcomes.  There’s peace of mind.  There’s safety.

4. Pre-handle problems. Tell them what to expect.  Provide remedies in advance.  Empower them to use those remedies.  Most of all be clear that they are accountable for their actions and for what those actions yield.

5. Build win-win relationships. Tell them how much you care.  Prove it.  Live your caring.  Model what caring is.  Provide access to you or to your surrogates.  When problems arise, celebrate the opportunity.  Translate the problems into challenges.  View them as opportunities to serve.

6. Work your butt off. Is that too colloquial for you?  Dedicate your time and energy to the delivery of value.  Then more value.  Then more yet.  Apply  yourself diligently and relentless to your tasks.  Do more than is expected, more than is required, more than anyone in their right mind would do.

7. Surrender to your purpose. This one is from me. Surrender is the price you pay for the success you want.  It always works.  Give yourself wholly to the outcomes you desire.  Ultimately all obstacles level off.  They transmute into pathways to the attainment of your desires.

Here’s a little secret. Surrender involves love.  Love your work.  When you love something enough it reveals all its secrets to you.   Test this thesis.  Test it on some current project.   Pretend your client is paying you 10 times as much for what you deliver.  For the outcomes you make possible.  Then act to deliver 10 times the value.  And watch what happens.

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John Gregory Vincent October 9, 2009 at 9:37 am

Burt’s steps are EXACTLY what I used recently to land a contract with one of the largest tax credit service companies in the world. It started with a direct mail piece to the President with many of the elements Burt talked about. That got me a meeting with the VP of Operations and by using what Burt suggests here that got me in front of the B.O.Directors. This isn’t mumbo jumbo stuff folks this is tried and proven techniques. Only fine print is YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY DO IT!!

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