Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken


by Burt Dubin on January 13, 2010

Be yourself.  Everyone else is already taken

1. “No one else gets to be you.   Let’s take it as a given that you’re very good at what you do.  If you aren’t, either get better at what you’re doing or do something you’re better at.”

For example, some speakers are better working large audiences in the big room.   Other speakers are skilled at leading smaller groups in breakout sessions.  Test your talents.    Then target the size audience with which you are most effective.  Be relentless in going for those gigs.

2. “We’ve all been given amazing gifts.  And we can study and improve so you can be superb at something.”

Some speakers are natural keynoters.  Others are superior presenting detailed educational events.   Target the type of program in which you shine brightest.

3. “With that as a given, what can you (adjust in your marketing) that would take your (cash flow) to a magnificent new level?”

4. “What can you offer that’s dazzling.  How can you identify    your unique message.”

Ask yourself what sort of programs prove most effective with your audiences.  Then focus on offering these programs to decision makers.

5. “How do you find your own village of loyal clients who love you more than anyone else and will support you in style for the rest of your days?”

Some speakers limit their practice to one industry.  They make themselves favorites in that industry because they understand wants and needs better that anyone else.

Other speakers focus on one segment of many industries.  Sales trainers are one example.

6. “So, yes, work on your positioning.  Work on your USP. (your unique selling proposition)  Understand your relationship to your market, find your winning difference, your rightful share of clients.”

Do this by testing, by experimenting.   See how you feel after speaking for different groups.   Here’s my way:  When I complete a program feeling exhilarated rather than exhausted, I know this is the kind of group for me to target.

7. “Because beyond what you know and what you’ve learned and how you specialize, what you have to offer is you.   It’s as simple and as complicated and as wonderful as that.”

The sentences in quotes above are by the brilliant marketer, Sonia Simone.  Google her name to see other examples of her brilliance.

Summing up, shun the shotgun approach.   Instead, be a sharpshooter.  Make yourself irresistible.  Use powerful strategies to secure the programs and the groups that allow you to be your best and deliver the most value now.

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Walter February 4, 2010 at 9:38 pm

Embracing our own uniqueness scare most of us. This is the reason many choose to imitate others. If we are to give our best, we might as well trust our own self; it is our best chance to stand up among the rest. :-)

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