How to impact audiences profoundly using the 7 secrets of wholeness


by Burt Dubin on February 27, 2010

How to impact your audience profoundly using the 7 secrets of wholeness

Wholeness is a state you awaken within you.  Acknowledging your wholeness is a pillar of the Temple of Speaking Success.

  1. 1. Your physical body: This is your self-repairing vehicle of physical experience.  Give due regard to its needs for sleep, good food, exercise, recreation and shelter.
  1. 2. Your emotional well-being: Are you sharing love intimately?      If not, are you open to this possibility?  Do you seek and allow yourself emotional fulfillment?  Do you acknowledge you deserve it?  All else is an empty shell without allowing this aspect of wholeness to be invited into your life.
  1. 3. Your ongoing education: Be sure it is ongoing.  Do not allow yourself to become obsolete in this high-tech age.
  1. 4. Your life as a speaker/educator: Speaking is your vehicle for sharing your essence with the universe of lives you touch.
  1. 5. Your inner child: It’s so nice to let this 7 year old you out to play.  In time, you may allow your playful essence to be part of your every moment.
  1. 6. Your money case: Handle it so you can be of uninhibited service to the world.
  1. 7. The spiritual you: The purpose of the preceding aspects is one-pointed . . . to allow this, your highest aspect, to be expressed.

Finally, look at the outcome of your recognizing, accepting, embracing and sharing your wholeness with each audience:

They sense a subtle energy, a subliminal je ne sais qua that adds immeasurably to their experience of being in your presence. They are touched.  They are moved.  They may find you unforgettable.  And this is the bare-ass truth!

© Burt Dubin

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