How to release your bare-ass magnificence


by Burt Dubin on April 14, 2010

To release your bare-ass magnificence now, simply control assets.

You already do:

You are in total, absolute control of your most valuable asset:  Your bare-ass.

So do one thing . . .

Just one:

Use your asset . . . Be of greater service to more decision-makers.

Take the bit in your teeth.   Be fiercely committed.   Surrender to your purpose.

Put all your chips on the table and place your bet . . .  Place your bet on your own bare-ass.

It’s no sin if you don’t win.  It’s a tragedy not to find out what you really can do.

Grab yourself a dream.   Yours.    Pay the price to make it happen.

Hers a secret:  There’s no way to fail.  You win.  You win.   You always and evermore win.

That’s because through your grit, gall and gumption you reveal the greater you.

You reveal the possible you.     The possible . . . you.

So this is your formula . . . And here’s your key:

Be of greater service to more decision-makers . . .

And more of the others in your universe . . .

Then, as Polonius said, “it must follow as the night the day . . .” you always and evermore win.

You defeat your demons . . . you slay your saboteurs . . .

You emerge into the light . . . you reveal the incredible you.

And you celebrate all the way to the bank.

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