Your accountabilities as a speaker


by Burt Dubin on August 9, 2009

Speaking your perceived truth, being authentic, and being transparent on the platform, are the central core of this ongoing melange.

     These elements, however, are not enough. 

     Yes these virtues are a start.  Only a start.   It takes a lot more to earn your place in the pantheon of successful speakers.

     I’m writing this post from the top of my head.  And from the bottom of my heart.

     My intention is to place tools in your hands. Tools and strategies. Tools and strategies and concepts.  Insights and inspiration, too.

Plus, plus, plus . . .

     In the past 20 years I’ve published way over 200 articles.  Plus my 3 volume, 800 page magnum opus as part of my Speaking Success System.      So please accept that I know my way around the business of speaking for money.

     Let’s look at the following aspect of your accountabilities as a speaker:

1.  Off the shelf programs:

     Anybody can deliver a set piece.  A packaged schtick honed to perfection.  Many successful speakers do this.   What they present is an act.   It may be called a keynote or a general session or even a concurrent session.   And it is an act.  Same pauses, same inflections, same ad-libs every time out.

You can do so much more . . .

     I recommend you not settle for this.  Because settling for this arrests your development.  You can make a great living, yes.  And you do not engage your highest possibilities for service to the universe of lives you touch.

2.  Research:

     So here’s what to do.   When your initial fee arrives . . . and you know you have a gig . . . start your research:

1.   Research the industry.  Dig out the problems, the challenges and the opportunities current in that industry.

2.   Research the competitors of this organization.  What are they doing your  client organization is not doing.  What markets are they penetrating your client is not?  What innovations and product or service enhancements are they delivering your client is not?

3.   Research the people working for your client.   Interview a sampling of the brass.  Interview a sampling of their front line people.   And a few of the staff or production folks.  Unearth the scuttlebutt.

. . . and, in addition:

     I often find the program they order from me is not the program they need.   Sometimes the top brass wants a “throw the dog a bone” presentation. (And, yes, I’ve done many of these in my early days.)

3.  The difference you can make:

     Look, I could go on and on and not exhaust this subject.   I suppose what I really want to do is get you thinking.  Thinking about actions you can consider.  Actions that make a profound difference in your service to the universe of lives and organizations you address.

Add it all up . . .

    You can make that difference if you want to.  Are you to do so?  This depends on your character.  On your diligence.   And on how deeply you  commit to tap and engage your highest powers.

    Can you do this?  Of course.  Emerson’s words ring in my ears:    ”The power that is in you is new in nature . . . and none but you know what that is which you can do . . . nor do you know until you try.”

Burt Dubin                                                                                                          10 August 2009

P.S.  When you get my personal mentoring as a Member of my Inner Circle you are shown how to do all this in exquisite detail.


John Gregory Vincent September 6, 2009 at 5:41 am

I have learned 3 CRITICAL steps in building a successful speaking business:

1. GET A mentor. There is none better for aspiring speakers or speakers who want to move it up MANY notches than Burt.

2. FIX your mindset . . . You are a self employed entrepreneur marketing your services and products .

3. THEN comes the power of what Burt teaches you. Always remember first and foremost BURT IS DA MAN!

Vincent Eneh August 20, 2009 at 7:22 am


Thanks for all your mails aimed at teaching beginners all the necessary “how-to’s” in this impactful career. Check out the 3 R’s. They are priceless!

You are a true authority in this business. I will dedicate myself to your tutorship.

You will not loose your health.



Burt Dubin August 17, 2009 at 1:50 pm

Responding to your question: The down payment and monthly investment are published at my website
Please look on the left side of the home page for the words, “Personal Mentoring” Scroll to the bottom of the page this takes you to.

There you see the words, “How to join the Inner Circle”. Scroll down to the 4 options. The exact investment choices are there. For more, call me at 800-321-1225 or +928-793-3303.

Burt Dubin

Mike Grill August 16, 2009 at 7:29 am

thanks for steering me to this blog. Wow did that resonate with me – especially the ‘off the shelf’ comments. I have a few presentations I’ve developed very much like that…in the last few weeks I have started reviewing my material through what I hope are the lenses of Burt Dubin.



Dave Portnoy August 14, 2009 at 5:33 pm

What would it cost as a down payment to get started with your speaking service and how much each month. I am intereted as your testimonials are great. My number is 314-409-6180.

John Gregory Vincent August 13, 2009 at 6:15 pm

Got you email alerting me to the blog wanted to check it out. Without question you showing me what authenticity in every word I uttered meant, combined with your insistance of me finding that niche’ has made all the difference! Although my path veered towards consulting, coaching and training at the end of the day I get paid extremely well to say something that matters. I learned HOW to say that from you. For that I will always be grateful. I’ve bookmarked your blog and will stop by now and again to check in.

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