7 Steps to Speaking Business Success


by Burt Dubin on October 11, 2010

7 Steps to Speaking Business Success


The Laws of nature simply are.  These steps are firmly rooted in the Laws of Nature.  By accepting nature’s laws you may engage nature’s laws.

A sailor at sea accepts the winds and tides.  They simply are.

The sailor may engage these winds and tides . . . no matter which way they are . . .  to advance to any desired port.

In accord with natural law, you on the ocean of your speaking business life, may set your course for any speaking business goal you choose.

You may then move irresistibly, implacably, inevitably, to your goal.  However, please note this caveat:

Be sure your speaking business intentions are for the highest good of all concerned.  You are working with real forces.  You are harnessing enormous power.  You will harvest the fruit of the seeds you plant.  This is natural law.

Don’t bother trying to understand these steps.  You don’t gotta understand the winds and tides to engage them. You don’t gotta know the principles of video transmission to watch the show of your choice.

And you sure don’t have to understand how babies are made to engage in lovemaking!  You just do it and nature takes care of the rest.

Accept these 7 steps.  Use them, all of them.  Don’t seek short cuts.  Then, surely as the night follows the day, your aspirations do become your reality.  It’s the law.  Nature’s law.

Main Course:

1. Know your intended speaking business outcomes:

Yes, know clearly what you want.   Set your goals with precision.  Be definite, clear, concise.  Include your target dates.

(You are tuning in to your goals.  It’s like tuning in a certain channel and no other.)

2. Write your intended speaking business outcomes down in detail:

Use simple, short words.  Read and re-read your words . . . upon arising, during the day, and just before retiring for the night.

Your intention is to burn your words into your awareness, to make your objectives part of you.

(You are “locking in” to the frequencies you want, detuning from all other frequencies.)

3. Desire your intended outcomes with passion:

Emotionally focus your feelings on your objectives.  Back your desire with surrender to your purpose.

This means surrender your resources, all your resources, to your purpose.

(Your emotions are comparable to a battery powering your receiver.  The more highly charged your battery, the more clear are the intuitive perceptions you receive.)

4. Create written plans by yourself:

You’re in charge . . . so make your own decisions.

(Chart your course from where you are to where you want to be, just as that sailor does.)

And . . . be ready to change your plans in response to changing circumstances.

(The sailor adjusts course in response to changing winds and tides.  You are to do the same.)

5. Button your lip:

Keep your strategic intentions to yourself.  Close associates whose help you may require may be told on a “need to know” basis.  It is regrettable that those who protest they love you most are often the most ready to be an anchor on your tail.

You don’t want an anchor on your tail.   You want people around you who are the wind in your sails.)

6. Follow your heart:

Allow your intuition to serve you.  Your intuition comes from your heart.  Your heart knows.   It provides you with incisive, crystal-clear, accurate guidance.

Act on your intuitive impulses.  Act with speed, with certainty, with absolute confidence.  Act with incorrigible tenacity.  Let no one stand in your way.

Intuitive flashes may reach you when you least expect them.  In your dreams.  In the shower.  Out of nowhere.  Capture them.  Write them down at once.

7. Always be thankful:

Express gratitude.  As you experience movement toward your aspirations, express gratitude.  To your creator, to your Higher Self, or to whatever source of power you feel you are engaging.


I discovered these principles when I was just into my twenties. Inside myself.  I was living in dismal servitude blindly supporting my “invalid” mother and younger sisters.  Oh, how intensively I longed to escape from that mire.

Bright blossoms of understanding popped through the soil of my misery.  I knew these impulses came from a higher source of wisdom.  I recorded them, acted on them, re-created my life into success, fulfillment and abundance.

They are yours now, my gift to you.  I salute you for your wisdom seeking them out.  Engage them.  Share them.  Use them to enrich your speaking business, your life . . . and the lives of those in your world.


On the personal side:

Long time readers may remember I consider my home my sanctuary.  Here, I surround myself with symbols of genius and beauty.  In fact, when you are to pass through Kingman on your travels, you are invited, by advance arrangement, to visit my outdoor sculpture garden, (museum replicas,) library of classic books, and gallery of original paintings and interior sculptures.

Well, recently I realized I did not need such a large home office.  So I dumped at least half of my old files and office furniture, moved my office into a smaller space, and reestablished the master bedroom.

When the smoke cleared there was so much more light and room inside the house.  In fact, I was able to dedicate one room as a guest room, not yet furnished.

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