How To Generate a Relentless Flow of Inquiries For Your Services


by Burt Dubin on March 9, 2011

How To Generate a Relentless Flow of Inquiries For Your Services


Most wanna-be speakers and too many working professional speakers struggle, sweat, and suffer.  For these folks, getting each booking is like getting a bare-ass root canal job.   How do I know?  That was me  in ‘83.  Smile and dial. Smile and dial. Smile and dial.   It was no fun.   I wondered if I’d ever make it.

This doesn’t have to be.  You don’t have to struggle, sweat, and suffer.  You don’t have to, like Sisyphus, roll that stone up the hill every morning.  You don’t have to be a pest.  You can make yourself a welcome guest. You can cause your phone to ring.  Here’s how:

For me, this started at my first NSA Convention in 1984.  There, in a General Session, I heard  the late Jos. J. Charbonneau, CSP, CPAE say magic words. They burned into my consciousness. “If you want to be a master, study what the masters have done before you.  Learn to do what they have done and have the guts to do it—and you will be a master, too.”

From the depths of my being—from my longing to make a difference, my thirst for speaking success, and my hunger to get my career into orbit—I listened to these words of wisdom.  I studied the masters.   I drank deep at their wells of wisdom.  And I took action.

Here’s one lick of the ice cream cone.  Here’s a sample of my findings.    Here’s some of what I did to savor success.   Along the way I discovered my potential.   You can make this discovery for yourself.  Here.  Now.  In this article.

1. Adjust your attitude:  You remember the emphasis on the attitude of a spacecraft as it returned to Earth’s atmosphere.  If the attitude was not right, the spacecraft would burn up upon reentry as would the astronauts inside. This would never do.  Here’s your attitude adjustment:  You’re a marketer first, an expert next, a speaker last.

2. Choose your niche:  There’s no point in being a fine marketer until you have expertise to offer.  And your expertise has gotta be in a specific niche.  A niche where folks with cash in their jeans recognize your value and are willing to invest in what you alone know.  Here’s how to select your niche:  Identify the topic or issue in which you’re willing to do endless and ongoing research for a market with the means to pay you.    Then, do it.  Do it relentlessly.

3. Recognize your legacy:   Your legacy is your heart message.  It is what you feel deep in your bones.  It’s the core wisdom you want to leave behind when you depart from this plane.  Here’s what to do with your legacy:  Blend it in with your nuts and bolts expertise.  This tapestry of wisdom, your tapestry of wisdom, your personal tapestry of wisdom, makes you unforgettable, gets you asked back.

4. Decide how you will market:  Anybody can do outbound.  I did it for years.   Earned and received mid 4-figure fees.  Yes, by outbound direct marketing.  Then I wised up.  Out of every 10 speakers who are hired by decision-makers, only 1 direct-market their way in.  Get this!  1 out of 10.  That’s all.

I prefer to be among the 9 in 10 who are invited to speak.  Here’s my take on how best to get yourself invited to speak:   Be recognized as an expert.   Do this by writing articles, columns, newsletters, books.  Download my FREE article “How To Write Articles Editors Love and Readers Treasure.”  (It’s here—an earlier issue of this blog.   Do what it tells you to do.)

5. Take the bit in your teeth:   Be tireless. Incorrigible. Get a bulldog blood transfusion.  I’m not kidding.  (I’m the world’s only Certified Transfusiologist.)  My clients get their bulldog blood transfusion from me over the phone!

6. Surrender to your purpose:  There’s no substitute for this.  Surrender to your purpose as you do to your lover.  This spirit of giving, of giving from your essence, of giving unstintingly and without reserve——produces magical results.

7. Don’t go it alone:   Get yourself a guide, someone who’s been down this rocky and magnificent path before.  Someone like— someone like—well . . . someone like . . . me.

Remember: “If you want to be a master, study what the masters have done before you.  Learn to do what they have done and have the guts to do it—and you will be a master, too.”

For a complimentary, no-cost, free initial consultation, call me at  +928-753-5315.   Do it now, right now.  Leave word if I’m on the line.  Include your e-mail access as well as your phone number.  Within the USA, I’ll call you back on my dime.

You have nothing to lose . . . and a whole new life to win.

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