Ways you can reinvigorate your speaking biz pizzazz


by Burt Dubin on April 26, 2011

Ways you can reinvigorate your Speaking Biz pizzazz

(As published on the American Express OPEN FORUM April 2011)

Slightly edited by Burt Dubin


1. Read Atlas Shrugged.

2.   Watch videos from  <  http://ted.com >

3. Get a mentor.

4. Think about all the people your speaking business helps.

5. Speak at an industry conference.

6. Go to another industry’s conference.

7. Tour a fellow speaker’s business.

8. Share your dreams with a friend and let the conversation flow.

9. Take a vacation—the break will recharge the old batteries.

10. Be grateful for what you have already accomplished.

11. Take a marketing course.

12. Get a tattoo with your own company’s name or logo.

13. Teach an entrepreneurial class.

14. Meditate.

15. Recognize you are a rare breed. Really.

16. Become a mentor.

17. Exercise regularly.

18. Regularly reward yourself for any and all progress.

19. Ask friends what good they think your speaking is doing for others.

20. Ask customers what you can do better, and what you already do great.

21. Have a party for all your customers.

22. Think about having a “real job,” that will get your entrepreneurial drive going.

23. Hire an intern to shadow you, and report on their observations.

24. Repaint your office.

25. Introduce fun at the office—arm everyone with a Nerf gun!

26. Start a company wide profit share. That will give everyone entrepreneurial drive.

27. Volunteer your time and your staff’s time to help a needy cause.

28. Become your own “undercover boss.”

29. Keep a journal and record something you like about speaking every day.

30. Listen to “Eye of The Tiger” and exercise in a 1970s workout suit…doing windmills.

31. Read Fast Company magazine.

32. Take an accounting class.

33. Listen to an audio version of Think and Grow Rich.

34. Watch a video of Henry Ford’s biography.

35. Just know that you are the reason our economy will recover.

36. List all the things you love about your work;  Do this every the day.

37. Have a daily company huddle—a five minute, standing, get charged up meeting.

38. Take a tour of Zappos.

40. Read “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur” by Mike Michalowicz

41. Surf the “Harvard Business Review” website.

42. Read the story of Gary Erikson’s Clif Bar company (called Raising The Bar).

43. Create a mastermind group.

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Eileen Strong May 1, 2011 at 5:02 pm

Wisdom, business savvy, wit, and compassion are only a few of the delights I received when working and learning from Burt. His profound knowledge of the realities of the professional speaking world made all the difference for me.

He eagerly shared his wisdom with me. Burt was a major contributor to my growth as a paid expert who speaks. For this I am deeply grateful.

Working with Burt proved to be the best, the very best investment of my time and money.

With profound respect,

Eileen Strong, 732-389-3868
Eatontown, New Jersey

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