How you can tap the Mother Lode


by Burt Dubin on May 30, 2011

How you can tap the Mother Lode

Today I had an exchange with one of my Inner Circle Members.  Let’s call him “Steve.”   It proved so rich with insights you can use to forge ahead as a speaker that I felt I had to share it with you.

I’d assigned Steve to identify 20 insights he found in my back newsletters.

These are his findings:

Assignment 3:   Top 24 insights from B.D. Newsletters

1.    Lace speeches with stories and humor, including concluding story with self-quote

2.    Seek long-term projects and make a difference – retainer arrangement for x days

3.    Seek from decision maker  5-6 names of key audience members to interview – seek their best ideas (with attribution), input, concerns, etc. (Pre-program Information Request)

4.    Offer and provide extras that help the organization, add value for members

5.    Articulate my unique competence very succinctly and clearly.

6.    Seek cruise ship engagements

7.    Develop “nest” markets – teaching adult classes, etc. to get started

8.    Master 7 Secrets to Platform Mastery

a.    Over-prepare

b.    Use hidden notes

c.     Pause after best lines

d.    Use stories

e.    Reveal myself

f.      Speak from my heart

9.    Get convention/conference schedules in major convention cities and contact decision makers

10. Awaken latent magnificence in each person – Go beyond audience empowerment – nurture imagination, encourage grand actions

11. Niche market to 2 to 4 industries

12. Position self as a unique educational resource – with innovation, unique insights, emotional appeal

13. Contact organizations one month after their last annual meeting / conference

14. Create an effective and compelling one-sheet

15. Make my lead topic a prediction what the audience / market will face 1 – 2 years in the future and how my concepts can shape that future (Future-casting) “Picture yourself . . .” “Imagine you . . .” Deliver hope.

16. Ask decision makers and economic buyers issue-based questions

17. Use image laden word and phrases

18. Find / recruit a sponsor

19. Joel Weldon Three-part Focus

a.    Needs

b.    Fears

c.     Victories

20. Develop solid marketing plan

21. Create a “unique selling proposition” and “personal defining statement”

22. Become a buyer-centered speaker (focused in needs of economic buyers)

23. Forge alliances / strategic partnerships

24. Create evaluation form / poll the audience before formal evaluation / include question “should we have this speaker back, and if so, on what topic?” Send client a “Presentation Follow-up Report.

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

I found myself so affected by the neuron firings in my brain immediately after reading his words that I sent him the following response:


I am moved by your top 24 insights, They are infused with high wisdom.

What matters now is your integration and engagement of these concise nuggets.

It is impossible to exaggerate the power of focusing, make that obsessing to the point of borderline dementia on these principles you named in this assignment.

22 years ago I did this when Carolyn Cook trusted me to create and present a program on a topic about which I knew absolutely nothing.  (For the International Exhibitors Association.)

My relentless  implacable focus on this objective caused me to tap powers I did not know I had, to evoke from my subconscious mind understandings this client wanted.

Out of that came the educational program I published (CD of the program I created as well as 2 more CDs and a detailed printed Manual of precisely how I did it.)  I accessed hitherto untapped powers.

(I titled this program “Presentation Magic” You can read many pages about it  in the Products section of my website.)

Significant outcome: Of the 94 people in the room, 25 Requested information on bringing my program to their company.  My speaking career took off like never before.   I didn’t look back.    You can do it too . . .

These powers stayed with me and I use them a lot.  It’s like a gold miner tapping a vein of pure gold, a mother lode that, once accessed, is available into the indefinite future.  This is my experience.  I feel it is available to anyone.

I mean anyone practicing phobic focus, implacable monomania,

resolute and implacable resolve on an objective.

In the Presentation Magic program, I simplified the process to the point that an ordinary, intelligent person can access and engage the power to replicate what I did by the process I describe above.

This means you, Steve!

With kindest regards, etc., etc., etc.

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

The bankable words for you, dear reader, are in the last paragraph.  You can replicate the outcomes I created.  You can deliver powerful insights that charm and delight your audiences by using the replicable techniques I reveal in the Presentation Magic album.

To access full information, go to my home page  < >

Then on the far left side, click on Products.

There, click on Products that Enhance Your Presentation Skills.

The second product down is Presentation Magic.

Read about it by clicking on the highlighted words: words “more information”

Then do what your heart tells you to do.

The future you create will be your own.

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