7 Bare-ass Booking Actions that Yield More Gigs


by Burt Dubin on June 14, 2011

7 Bare-ass Booking Actions that Yield More Gigs

Golden nuggets of dispensed wisdom.  Sterling silver links in a chain.  Granite building blocks in your structure of speaking business success.

This is what your bookings are to be.  Every gig leading to another.

Here’s how you can produce this alchemy:

1. Satisfy these concerns of the decision-maker . . . Your credentials, experience, articles, books, testimonials, referrals.

2. Close while the time window is open. Make an initial contact a couple months after the last annual conference.  Ask when planning starts for the next meeting.  Ask when the theme is selected.  The time window opens then . . . for as little as 1 month. Decisions on Keynoter and other General Session speakers are made first.

3. Give decision-makers what they want more of now: Your in-depth insights, your wisdom, your strategies addressing a topic or issue that’s hot at the time.  Your offer to present at more than 1 session, (for example, a major General     Session speech, the what-to’s, then a concurrent session, the how-to’s.)

4. Generate 5 areas of expertise: Topic expertise, platform artistry, promotional expertise, negotiating skill, and credibility as an expert.

5. Develop your credibility this way: Your articles and books, your recognized accomplishments, your track record, your client list, your evaluations and referrals, your previous prestige engagements, your website, your audios and videos.  (For these I recommend Janita Cooper @ 480-948-0305.  Janita does all my A/V production.)

6. Make yourself worthy of higher fees: Improve your stagecraft, your topic expertise, your negotiating acumen.  Ask for what you’re worth.  Relate your fee to the total meeting budget, head count, cost of the luncheon per-person.

7. Fit the budget while getting your full fee: Do multiple programs, multiple engagements of the same presentation, be shared by 2 groups meeting in the same city at the same time, combine expenses and fee into 1 quote, a flat charge, do a separate program the next day at no extra charge, have a product sales arrangement, get a sponsor to pay your fee or part of your fee, barter for something they have that you want (such as a booth at the trade show,) let them market your products and share the revenue.

Use your ingenuity to mix and match these 7 strategies to get more gigs.

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Kathy Jones June 15, 2011 at 8:13 pm

Thank you Burt.

I thank God for you. I thank God for sending confirmation
and affirmation to me through you. I applied several of
these tools you mentioned below this morning at about 11:00 A.M.

I am trusting God and following the prompting of the Holy Spirit.
Thank you for the emails, thank you for your time….
I do read them and I do appreciate you.

Kathy Jones

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