I talked to the trees


by Burt Dubin on October 11, 2011

“I Talked to the Trees…”


I drive my new Toyota to a conference in the foothills of Southern California’s San Gabriel Mountains.   I don’t know the conference leader, Brugh Joy, M.D., is going to expand the consciousness of all 30 of us.  To awaken us.  And in a surprising way.

Brugh sends us out at dawn each morning.  Out and up.  We are to avoid each other.  “Climb the mountain,” he tells us.  “Be alone and silent.  Be back by breakfast time.”  This allows me about 2 hours alone out in the crisp air.

Healthy exercise at the least.

We are told to find and select an aspect of nature to communicate with.  To have a discussion with.  To ask questions about something significant in our respective lives at the time.  This is part of the learning experience.  It doesn’t happen in the presence of the conference leader.  It happens for each of us while we are alone in nature.  And only to the degree we allow.

(And, we are told, when we ask questions, we are to pause.  Pause and listen.  Listen intuitively.  Listen to our inner voice.  Our inner voice, accessed with a quiet, contemplative mind, is our access to higher wisdom.  To universal wisdom.)

What aspect of nature?

As a student, the choice is mine.  A tree, any tree, a bush, a stream, a boulder, a rock, a cactus, a plot of grass, a flower, a bird, the sky, one cloud in the sky, any animal I might see during my climb.

After breakfast we convene for the morning session.  We share our experiences alone in nature.  Insights have surfaced for most of us.  Answers to challenging questions.  Wise counsel regarding choices.  Understandings regarding puzzling decisions that are to be made.

I am later to discover the roots of this process:

Where and when it started. Why it is so effective.  Dating back to pre-history, before there was writing, way back before what we now call civilization.

Thousands of years ago indigenous peoples lived in tribes as hunters, as gatherers.  Shamans, monk-like ascetics, witch doctors, wise ones, elders evolved and emerged.   By whatever name these seers were respected and revered for their wisdom.

And they all spent long hours alone and silent in the natural world.  There they found access to the truths of nature and of the human experience.

The process of being alone and silent in the natural world worked then.  It works now. It worked for ancient wise ones.  It can work for you.  The challenge, of course, is finding a resort, a conference center, a hotel abutting nature.

Years later, I attend another conference in a facility on a Northern California beach.  It is hosted by the co-founder of Lifespring, Larry Jensen, Ph.D.  Pretty much the same formula works there.  We are directed to speak to the waves, to the seagulls, to one seagull.  We are to engage in discourse, in dialog with the dry sand, with the damp sand, with a sand crab, with little stones.

For years I host conferences in Sedona, Arizona.  (I use a resort hotel abutting nature.)  These events include alone time for participants, silent time outdoors in nature.  Much of the value participants harvest here is self-generated.

Can you create such programs?

You decide.  You must be the sponsor to create such experiences for your attendees.   You guarantee the facility  a certain number of room nights.  You need a source for the food needs of those you attract.  And you do risk some of your own money.

Be careful.  The first time I did this I had a net loss of $4000.  The second time I only lost $2000.  The third time and every time since, I made a profit.

Your biggest outcome when you create such a program is knowing you are opening an awareness window for each person present.  A window that cannot be opened any other way.  And once that window is opened, once you have widened someone’s awareness, there is no way to undo it.  Just as there being no way to go back to being a virgin.

As Brugh said to us, “Once you have tasted the nectar there is no turning back.”

And, there’s more . . .

You do NOT have to host an event.   The event can be personal and private . . .

Just you communing with an aspect of nature.

Yes, this is mystical.  Illogical.   Your cognitive hemisphere tends to reject this concept.

When you do this, you become an alchemist:

You transform thoughts into outcomes.

(And, when you ask questions, pause.  Pause and listen.  Listen intuitively.  Listen to your inner voice.  Your inner voice, accessed with a quiet, contemplative mind, is your access to higher wisdom.  To universal wisdom.)

Will this work for you?   That’s up to you.  Semi-quoting Henry Ford, “Think it will work and it will.  Think it is a crock and it will not work for you.”   His exact words as they came down to me, were, “Think you can, think you can’t . . . either way you’re right.”

What will it be like for you:

I don’t know.  Like making love for the first time, it’s a personal and intimate experience.   This simple, effortless experience expands your consciousness.   Some call it mind-blowing, earth-shattering beyond words.  Some, like me, know they’ll never be the same again.  Some break through to a new dimension, a greater depth/height of consciousness.

Should you choose to believe, if you allow, you can expect these outcomes:

1. You get your permanent and personal set of keys to higher consciousness.  You enhance your sensitivity.  This allows you to empathize better with all others——and with the hidden wellsprings of their attitudes and actions.

2. You discover a personal and beautiful experience of the natural world.  You take a leap beyond the ordinary and into transcendence.  You unveil simple truths and profound lessons available only in the natural world.

3. You liberate access to illumination regarding your personal challenges now.  It’s amazing how a refreshing change of scene clears your head.

4. You harvest higher wisdom concerning significant decisions you face now.  Alone time, silent time in nature expands your intuition dramatically.  This, in turn, opens a cornucopia of possibilities for you, your significant other, your children, your career and your future.

5. You master new understandings about the experience of being human.  Your feelings and sensations expand by a breathtaking order of magnitude. This——and I speak from personal experience—— makes you more interesting and attractive to otherwise unavailable intimate partners.  Do the math.

6. You harvest insights for facilitating this process for others again and again.  And you may do so again and again and again, as often as you want.

7. Did I forget to tell you the Bonus Extra you get?  You discover, almost by osmosis, how to speak to your audiences from a more profound level of your personal essence.  How to do this every time you speak.   For every audience you address for the rest of your life.



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