How and Why to Make Your Prospect the Hero


by Burt Dubin on December 7, 2011

How and Why to Make Your Prospect the Hero

You want more gigs . . . and higher fees. You are about to see the true story of the strategies I use to get both . . . and how you can do it too starting tomorrow morning:

1. Where I stumble onto the process:

She lets me into her living room cautiously, curiously.  I look around, quickly decide where I’ll put the lamp.  If I’m to get this dollar-down-dollar-when-you-catch-me account open, she has to find the lamp irresistible.

It is a gorgeous Chinese red table lamp selected with the psychographics and demographics of this neighborhood in mind.

I plug in the lamp.  It changes the spirit of her ordinary living room at once.  When she hears the terms, she gets her purse, pushes a dollar bill into my hand.

Diamond Furniture secures another installment account.  (This was a long time ago.  Then a tiny storefront business, now it is the dominant furniture retailer in Northeast Philly.)

My prospect sees a rosy picture——with her as the hero.  I, working my way through Temple University, make another sale.  This household proves likely to spend many thousands of dollars in larger sales in the ensuing years.

2. How I use the process again:

Fast forward 10 years.  Now representing an office furniture manufacturer to retailers, I convince Harvey Blank to buy 1000 catalogs of my products with his company name printed boldly on the cover.

His prospects do not toss out this catalog because it has durable value.  When a need arises, they call him.  I paint a rosy picture with Harvey as the hero.  He gets the catalogs at a token cost.  I enjoy mega-commissions for years to come.  I treat my young family to a pool in our back yard.

3. And again . . .

Fast forward another 10 years.  I go into the remote land business. I start selling Mama and Papa at their kitchen table.  Home sites in Arizona where the sky is blue and the air is pure.  I paint a rosy picture with each family as the hero.

The terms are easy enough.  He looks at her, says  “What do you think, honey?” Bingo!  Within 2 minutes we write up the deal.   By now, I’m enjoying life in a new home in Malibu looking out over the Pacific from the picture widow in my dining room.

(Side note:  I do not know, at the time, that a couple of decades later I will move to Arizona to live in Kingman, within 7 miles of the same land.)

4. And yet again . . .

When I become a self-marketing speaker, I use the same strategy to launch my bookings into the 6-figure stratosphere.

What has my true story to do with you getting more gigs?  Stay tuned.  See how you can make your world your oyster.

5. What you can do:

See yourself in the mind and heart of the decision maker.  Say that gatekeeper has a forthcoming conference for which a speaker addressing a topic such a yours is desired, plus the budget and the authority to hire you to speak or train.

6. Make that person a hero, like this:

Know the features of the program you can deliver.  Know the benefits you can deliver. Now reflect on the benefits of those benefits.  Get this:  the benefits of the benefits. Don’t market your program.  Market outcomes.  The benefits for the decision maker.  The benefits for the audience.  The benefits for the organization creating this conference.

7. These outcomes are the arrows in your quiver:

Now confirm that what you can deliver is appropriate for this conference:  “What is the purpose of this meeting?”  “What is the theme of this meeting?”  “How do you want your people to feel after I speak?”  “What actions do you want your people to take after this meeting?”  “What outcomes will make you look great?”

Romance the benefits of these outcomes.  And the benefits of the benefits.  “Just picture yourself, the hero who made this difference . . . Imagine how you’ll feel when . . .”

Show this decision maker how choosing you affects their position.   Let them see how good they’ll look because they book you now.

8. Touch their heart:

You gotta touch hearts to detach decision makers from their cognitive functions. Lead them into a state of enchantment with your words.  Allure them with vivid images.  Let them imagine the dazzling outcomes now available—but only if they book you before someone else gets you for the date they want.

9. Speak with passion:

When you’re on the phone with the decision maker, speak with passion.  Speak with emotion.  Speak from your essence.  Speak from the marrow of your bones. Speak from your soul.

10. The energy in your phrases:

The energy in your phrases can inflame desire.  Use image-laden words, words that generate feelings.  Create pictures on the canvas of this decision maker’s imagination“Touch them in their tenders, in those soft, unprotected places where decisions are always made.  Make them see it.  Make them feel it.  Make them understand.  Make them care.  Let this prospect feel your feelings.  Let then feel your passion for the values and outcomes only you can deliver.” (Gerry Spence)

11. Summary:

Involve every possible sense as you weave a spell around the outcome you can deliver.  Let them see it, taste it, smell it, hug it, live it, make love to it, be part of it and have it be a part of them.

Make this prospect the hero—and see your gigs and fees soar.





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