How to strategize a sizzling signature program


by Burt Dubin on January 4, 2012

How to strategize a sizzling signature program

1. Why create a sizzling signature program:

Because this is to be the grabber that lures people to want you.  To want you and to want you back.  To want you back again and again.

2. How to do it:

In the words of Bill Gove, NSA’s first president, “Go with what brung ya’. ” These words are the key to recognizing your ideal signature program.

Start this way.  Array your intellectual assets before you . . . your essence, your background, your education, your experience, your feelings, your spirit, your talent, your travels, your values.

In the tapestry of these assets is your perfect signature program.  You were born unique.  You are one-of-a-kind.  You’re the best you, the youest you there will ever be.  And there will never be another you.

You’re here on a one-way ticket.  You have this one chance to leave this world a better place.  You have a history of hopes and longings, hungers and yearnings, actions, attainments and intentions up to right now.

Plus this:  Aside from making a living, you want to make a difference.  Your array of intellectual assets contains the seed, the nucleus, of the difference you can make.

3. Ask yourself these questions:

What is the difference you want to make?

What sort of people do you want to address?

On what topics or issues do you choose to make yourself a world-class expert?

What do you see as your gift for the world?

Let your subconscious mind guide you.  Listen to your inner knowing.

4. Do an internet search:

Check Google.  Check Amazon.  Look for books by futurists.  Research emerging trends.  Look for sunrise industries.  Plan to ride the wave of a trend that intrigues you.

5. Light a fire in your belly:

The great Peter Drucker said nothing worthwhile is ever accomplished except by a monomaniac with a mission.  So be a monomaniac with a mission.  Develop a passion for your chosen signature message.  Let it be a passion that illuminates all who see you speak.

6. Research and develop your signature program:

Develop a one hour speech.  Make it a blend of substance, entertainment, and a bit of participation.  Share what-to’s and not how-to’s.  This is your general session speech.

Next, create a seminar or workshop.  Here, you deliver how-to’s.  This is your breakout (concurrent) session program.

7. Take actions that build your name and fame:

Create 20 minute talks, each a synthesis of part of your wisdom.   For practice, give free talks to local service clubs and community organizations.  This is your shakedown period, your off Broadway tryout.   Expect to find yourself cleaning up, tightening and enhancing your signature program.

Produce articles and papers.  Delineate your wisdom.  Get published in media read by those in your target markets.

Oh, there’s more, so much more and I’m running out of space . . .

If you like the introductory thoughts I share above, then call me for a 20 minute complimentary consultation.  (I call this your one-lick-of-the-ice-cream-cone.)

We may decide to work together for a moderate fee.  Or we may not.  It costs you nothing to find out.   Reach me at +928-753-5315.





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