Catching the Wave


by Burt Dubin on February 7, 2012

Catching The Wave

Actions and strategies you can use to

engage the improving economy to build your business now


How to get your hand in and get your share:

1. Stay a self-employed independent.   When you must hire, go for independent contractors only.  Pay for work performed as approved & delivered.

2. Remember: Lesser mortals have either retreated out of speaking/consulting or crawled into their shells.  Most of your competition has evaporated leaving the field to the bold and tough . . . (meaning you).

3. Do not market speeches/seminars/workshops. Not now.

Instead market . . . and guarantee . . . outcomes. Outcomes are what decision-makers are eager to buy and pay top dollar for these days.

4. Go deeper.   Ask your subconscious mind to come up with fresh concepts and strategies your market will welcome and pay for.   And know you can do this.   I have many times.  I’m doing it now.   So can you when you simply believe in yourself and say, “Yes I can!”

5. Decide you are to prevail. Engage these improving times to move your speaking business up a notch or two.  Quitters gave up and got out. This is your moment.

6. Target new markets in which you are a new face offering new hope.   That’s what decision makers yearn for now . . . hope.

7. Be resolutely persistent.   I remember 30+ years ago when I was in real estate sales.  Every member of the 150 person sales force I was a part of was crying the blues.  Not me, Charlie!   I was doing better than ever, to the dismay of some of my peers.  I told myself thisI carry my business climate around with me. (Think of your business climate as an invisible eggshell or aura . . . . a safe haven out of which you function in your universe.)    This timeless principle works because it is based on universal laws.

8. As the great Joseph J. Charbonneau,  (May his soul rest in peace,) said, “People are either the wind in your sails or an anchor on your tail.” Dump employees, vendors, partners who are not aligned with your spirit and your goals.

9. Watch the kale.    (Translation:   Squeeze every nickel until the buffalo yelps.)  Conserve your funds. Honor obligations when due.  Ask yourself before buying anything:  Will this investment advance me toward my goals? If not, defer it.

10. Focus energy on closing bookings now. I don’t mean discount you fees.   Instead, add value.  An extra program the same day at no extra cost.  ( I Learned this from the great Thom Winninger.)   Host a private round table for senior executives.   Chair a panel.  MC the event.  Go beyond what anyone else would do for them.  Pile on the extras.   Make your offer irresistible.

11. Offer proof of the outcomes you deliverOver-deliver.   Offer follow up phone coaching, after-program teleclasses they can record and use throughout their organization . . . or sell and they keep the proceeds.

12. Relentlessly pursue mastery of your craft. Enjoy every turn of the road before you.  Let your inner knowing guide you to weave the improving economy into a tapestry of triumph for you.


You may be surprised, even shocked, to hear me say this is a fantastic time, a wonderful time, to be in the speaking business.

Well, it is!

Here is why:

Marginal speakers are out of the game.  There is less competition.

The Association market is, as you know, the surest market for experts who speak.  According to the Meetings publications I read, this prime market is now increasing by about 3% the number of meetings and conferences they host.

They are loosening up their pocketbooks a bit.  Here are strategies and actions I used 21 years ago to increase my bookings.  They are timeless.  They worked then.  They work now.

Why do these strategies and actions work:

Because they are based on the Immutable Laws of Human Nature.   Like the Law of Gravity these Laws do not change.

In addition, you about to receive many other useful methods my peers, successful speakers all, are using now to get inbound cash flowing.

Let’s begin with these:

1. Generate better outcome-generating audience experiences.

How do you do this?  Use the power of your subconscious mind.

I show you how to do this in the most popular, most requested Report I ever wrote.  It is called How To Be a Genius On the Platform.  I will be happy to send you the PDF.   Complimentary.  Free. No cost.  My gift to you.  Send me your e-mail address, requesting this Report.

2.   Be aware that momentous change is coming. My Inner Circle Graduate, Lee Glickstein, says it well:  “I sense a liberation of possibilities like a silent lightning bolt zapping through the collective soul.  The shift is now within each of us in our own way and it is up to each of us to listen to and flow with that change.   We are living in a time where enlightened leadership skills are being modeled on the world stage . . .”

This means a new wave of consciousness and prosperity is soon to appear.  Be patient.  Breathe.  This too shall pass.  Breathe in.  Hold 5 seconds.  Breathe out s-l-o-w-l-y.   Repeat daily.

3. Market relentlessly: Now is the time to negotiate, to bargain, to make yourself the irresistible expert.  In negotiating, start by offering to present 2 programs on the same day for the price of 1.  For example, they pay you to present the Keynote or General Session.  (Or to present any session.)

You then do a second session at no further fee. The second session may be you chairing a panel, MC’ing the whole event, presenting a special limited access program for a unique group within the organization, a breakout session . . . or whatever.  Use your imagination.

4. Next step, as needed:  Offer an all-inclusive, delivered fee including your travel, incidentals, meals and sleeping room.

5. Again, whatever it takes may include all the above plus lowering your fee as far as you dare.

6. If there is a Trade Show in connection with this conference, offer to accept, as part of your fee a trade show booth, in which you can sell your products to attendees.   Sweeten this, if needed, by offering to return to the organization a percentage of your profits.

7. Create / produce new programs and products drenched in value. Use techniques in the PDF I offered you above.

8. As a last resort, and only when you are certain this is in your best interest because of the exposure and P.R., offer to speak for expenses only if you can offer product at your program.  This means, if you are excellent on the platform and deliver solid value, you can harvest cash from product sales.  One of the “products” you offer can be mentoring or consulting at an hourly fee you set.    This may be in person during the conference or later by a series of teleclasses or individual telephone appointments. (in which you offer product!)

All above strategies are tested and proven in the crucible of the real world.  All serve to get you gigs you would otherwise not get.  And only the gigs you get bring home the cash.



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