Moses, the one-speech wonder


by Burt Dubin on May 3, 2012

Moses, the one-speech wonder

(The tongue in cheek approach with which I write the words below in no way affects the reverence I feel for the powerful and significant words Moses delivered.  I was born into the Jewish faith and while I am not a Temple attending Jew I am committed, heart and soul, to the principles and practices set forth in the Ten Commandments.)

1. Most famous speakers are known to have spoken dozens or hundreds of times before large audiences.

2. Can you imagine a speaker only remembered for having delivered one speech . . . and that circa 3400 years ago.

3. And to a small group of listeners all close enough to hear his voice.

4. This one speech to a small group proved to have a significant impact on countless millions of people of virtually every faith down through the years.

5. Moses was born a Hebrew in Egypt c. 1527 BC.  He lived to c. 1407 BC.   By a stroke of luck he was raised at the court of Pharoah.

6. Legend tells us he was commanded by God to lead the Hebrew slaves to freedom in the promised land . . .

7. That he went up to Mt. Sinai (with stonecutters tools?) and returned with two tablets presumably given to him by God .  . .    The tablets were carved in ancient Hebrew with what we now revere as the Ten Commandments.

8. Since then these Commandments were acknowledged by Jews, Christians, and Islam as the central rules of behavior that God expects of humankind.

9. The Book of Exodus in the Old Testament recites these rules.  The first five Commandments set forth duties toward God, the second five, duties toward other people.

10. About 1400 years later Jesus reiterated these Commandments in the Sermon on the Mount.   Within Islam, the Koran appears to refer to these rules and urge that they be followed.

11. All from one speech delivered one time by one man to a small group of listeners.



A replica of these stone tablets reposes in a place of honor

within the sculpture garden surrounding my home

in Kingman, Arizona, USA.

Burt Dubin


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