Be a Master Speaker: Part 2


by Burt Dubin on May 17, 2012


Be a Master Speaker:  Part 2

Imagine you making yourself the lord of your speaking business domain . . .

Envision you in full charges of the space in which you are speaking . . .

Picture you knowing “How to Hold an Audience in the Hollow of Your Hand”©

Well, fasten your seat belt.  Get ready to take notes, better yet to copy and paste this article.  Why?  Because it is scripture . . .

What follows are the exact actions, yes the exact actions to take every time, I said every time you get up to address an audience.

1. Respond to your intro with humor.

2. Get the audience to applaud something or someone for booking you here today . . . or simply for being present.

3. Thank your audience for something, anything, for which you are grateful.

4. Ask your audience a question; get them involved.

5. Project your presence:  Get away from the lectern, get off the platform and into audience for a moment.   (Let them see how real & accessible you are.)

6. Now deliver transcendent value.    Show them you did your homework, that you dug up what matters to them now, that you are about to share solutions, answers, insights, strategies, actions.  All focused on guiding them to advance from where they are to where they yearn to be . . .

7. Include, where possible and appropriate, your trademark stories, true stories , to prove points, stories only you can tell because you lived them.

8. As you close, offer hope, that’s what folks want above all.

9. Finally, when you’re through, stop.  Let your hands fall to your side.  Smile.  Stand there. Do not thank them. Await the applause.  It will come.

True confession:  I did not write any of this.  It was written in a book I read about 30 years ago.   This is my salute to a Master, Art Fettig.  He wrote the book.


How is your speaking career doing?

Are you taking home all the bread you desire?

Do you get at least a few referrals and requests to come back and speak again?

Do audiences respond to you with the rapture  and joy you yearn for them to feel?

If, in your heart of hearts, you cannot honestly answer “YES”, help is at hand:

Give me a holler.   +928-753-5315   I understand. From overseas, use Skype to reach this number. A short consultation is complimentary.                                                                                             In your service,

Burt Dubin


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