Speaking In Beijing, China


by Burt Dubin on August 17, 2012

Speaking in Beijing, China

Imagine what it’s like to be speaking internationally. There’s the excitement and adventure of flying to new scenes, different cultures, exotic foods, new experiences and personal growth. Plus more perks no matter where you speak.


It is my first trip to China.  The Guoji Yiyuan Huaqiao Corporation, for which I speak (in English) to their executive management group. wants me to be thoroughly at home from the moment I depart LAX (Los Angeles International Airport).

They book me a Business Class seat on Air China, China’s largest airlines.

Let me tell you, Air China’s Business Class outshines American carriers First Class. (With the exception of Pan Am which sadly is gone.)  The Chinese dishes they serve me aloft include, of course, Beijing duck, dim sum, xiaolongbao (dumplings), sichuan chicken and lots more, all exotically (and highly) flavored.


The Conference is staged at the Beijing Fandanian, a classic old property dating back to 1917 and remodeled recently to five star status.  Public contact people all speak fluent English so I am as comfortable as could be.

This hotel is perfectly located in the Dongchen near the Forbidden City, Tienanmen Square and the Wangfujing shopping street.

My demi-suite is exquisitely furnished with the finest of everything including an unexpectedly nice bed.  The view from my suite is of rooftops all of Chinese authenticity, and bright street lights after dark, with mountains in the distance.

Having arrived a day early after the non-stop flight, I take a nap and then go out to look around.  It is only a short walk to the Forbidden City. The golden tiled roofs and the vast white courtyard catch my eye ay once.  The beauty of the architecture is breathtaking. I hadn’t realized how huge it is.  (Half a mile in each direction). I see at once this will involve more than the hour or two I have before dinner. I plan to return.

The conference facilities I experience were recently upscaled to Western taste.  I feel very much at home speaking there. This group of Chinese executives prove not as responsive as typical USA audiences though they certainly applaud loud and long when I am done.

My work completed, I have a couple of days to see all I can before my return flight to LAX, Las Vegas, and then the drive to Kingman.  I mean to make the most of it!


Next afternoon I am back at the Forbidden City.  I go through the Gate of Heavenly Peace, enter the Hall of Great Harmony, and then the Zhong He Dian. There is so much more, more than I can tell you in this short piece.

How can I encapsulate for you my experience of The Great Wall of China, the Wangfujing Mall, the Donghuamen Night Market and so much more.

And, can you imagine, excepting the souvenirs I cannot resist, the excellent street food I buy while walking around, and a few admissions, this amazing experience costs me nothing. In fact I bring home a generous check to take to the bank . . . plus unforgettable memories.

This is the possible travel experience of the speakers life, dear reader.


There are long-term outcomes too. Since I’ve enjoyed a cornucopia of these outcomes over the years let me share some of my real-life outcomes with you:


When my sons were 2 and 4 respectively I enrolled them in Miss Buckley’s School in the Sherman Oaks hills.

Picture you enrolling your beloved children in an upscale private school, gifting them with a superior education, seeing them groomed for professional success. Even a modestly successful speaker can do this, including you.


Some years ago I easily bought and loved living in an upscale ocean view home on Sunset Mesa in Malibu. It’s nice to have affluent neighbors. They dress better, tend to be more gentle and polite than the good folks down on the flats below.

Envision you upgrading yourself and your loved ones to the upscale neighborhood of your town. Or maybe to a golf resort or a tennis resort or college town of your choice. You can do this easily when you are modestly successful speaker or seminar leader.


And ha’bout the clothes you and your loved one wear. It can be upscaled a couple notches easily. I’ll never forget the first time I strolled into Carroll & Co. on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills. I easily paid $2000 for a suit. What a feeling!

Imagine you easily doing this in the best shop in town. Your loved one, too! When you bring home the bread from a gig or two, there’s nothing to it.


I have dined in some of the top eateries in Ireland, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and all over Canada and the U.S. For example I’ll never forget dining at the 21 Club in NYC. Another time I remember taking my Inner Circle Member, David Price, then the president of NSAA (National Speakers Association of Australia) to dinner. At the next table was Zig Ziglar and the redhead. Dining out becomes a wondrous experience: Fancy you taking your significant other to the finest restaurants. And not having to glance at the right side of the menu.


See you able to pick up and go where your whims take you. Staying in the locale of your choice whether at the beach or in the snow or wherever your fantasies lead you. It’s so nice and there’s nothing to it when you’re a modestly successful speaker.


All this and more is at hand for you and your loved ones now. But dreaming won’t make it happen. You’ve gotta get your butt off the couch and take action. Here’s what it takes:

4.6.1 Believe in yourself.

Get a mentor . . . someone who’s been around the track          a few times. Invest a few $ to learn the ropes.

4.6.3 Be willing to do the work, and then do it with all your heart.

4.6.4 Discover the rules of the game.

4.6.5 Dedicate your time and energy to create your future.

You can have all this if you want it. Expect to have to work hard, be diligent and learn the rules of the game. One more thing: You’ve gotta want it enough to have it.

Actions To Take:

Your first action to actualize such realities for yourself . . .

Top Shelf: Go here

Mid-range: Go here

Budget Delight: Go here

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