Do You Use These Tenacity Tools To Get Gigs


by Burt Dubin on September 10, 2012

Do You Use These Tenacity Tools To Get Gigs

In this article you see the single strategy that, relentlessly engaged, lifts you from where you are now to speaking business success and then to significance.


There’s a prerequisite before you can be a success as a paid public speaker. You first make yourself a success as a marketer of your speaking services. Why?  Because public speaking is a business and business disciplines apply.

Public speaking engagements are not marketed face-to-face. Never were. They are marketed by telephone. At least this is my experience in my 30 years in the speaking business.

You gotta get the gig before you can deliver it. Unless you have the charm of  an Elvis or a Sinatra, or deep pockets to engage others to market your programs, you have one option, only one: Develop your marketing skills.

And it takes relentless tenacity, day in, day out, bulldog resolve, iron will, too. How are you to successfully get your tenacity into gear:  You use tools, tenacity tools. Tenacious telephone marketing tool. Tenacity tools are hash marks. (/) That is a hash mark.


For a start, keep a record of how many hours you make outbound calls each day. Next record how many times you place an outbound marketing call each day. Then record how many times someone answers the phone. After that, record how many times you are connected with a decision maker who could hire you.


Did you make a presentation?  That’s another hash mark. Did you respond to a rejection or a question?  Another. Was a booking secured?  Another. Did an initial payment reach you. Another.


Relentlessly keep these records, day in, day out, week in, week out, month in, month out.  Then compare your results for the previous week with the same week last month, last year. And magical outcomes blossom.

Why and how does this happen:  Because you awaken to the reality that your only competitor is you. You last week. You the same week last month. You the same week last year.

Then your natural competitive spirit kicks in. You double down, resolved to produce better outcomes than you did in each comparable week of your past.


When I started using these tenacity tools I was selling desert lots near my present home in Arizona. I was low man on the totem pole, the newest and poorest producer of 150 sales people. I recognized these tools, accepted these tools, embraced these tools–and engaged these tools. Oh, did I engage them! I made them my secret weapon. Within a year of intensive work I was in the top 10% of this group. By the end of year two I was the #1 sales producer and was appointed sales manager.

Years later, when I resolved to be a public speaker I again used this tool to move up from obscurity to six figure public speaking success.


This technique spurs you on. It inspires you, motivates you to be your best. Then to raise the bar and be even better. You move your character up a notch.  Then another. Your concept of the possible you grows. In time you become a greater you. You shatter preconceived boundaries. You transcend imagined limits. You make yourself a master.


And you do this with your tenacity. Your eye-of-the-tiger tenacity is the first, the primordial requisite. The steadfast, iron-willed, relentless, self-assured, deliberate, unwavering, unswerving, unflinching, unyielding, imperturbable, implacable, irreversible, single-minded dedication and devotion to becoming first successful and then significant in the public speaking business.

You release the power rooted in your essence, in your values, in your gut.  You tear back the veil from the your personal core, from your heart, from your soul. Even, dare I say it, even from the marrow of your bones. Significance gestates here. Get that please. Significance gestates here. You enter the pantheon; you make yourself one of the great ones.


Are you interested in automating this process? Well, nearly automating it.  I created 3 instruments that make it easier to use this technique to secure speaking engagements for yourself. They are included in my program, “The Triple Play”       Click for Details:

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