Do You Reveal Your True Essence When You Speak?


by Burt Dubin on October 2, 2012

Do You Reveal Your True Essence When You Speak?

In this piece you see how revealed essence creates a bond linking you and your audience. You are moved to capitalize on your essence, allow it out and let your audience witness the authentic you. When you do this relentlessly, you may anticipate more success, enhanced reputation and repeat public speaking bookings.

Revealed essence is a shining beacon. Unrobed, unashamed, authentic, it stands proud and true.


1. Martin Luther King delivers his I Have a Dream speech:  This is memorable revealed essence.

2. Michelangelo’s sculptures:  The form, grace and detail he evokes is magnificent essence revealed.

3. Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture, capturing as it does, the spirit of shelter, is essence revealed.

4. Vermeer, the master of portraying light. His paintings illuminate his unique essence.

5. The native American Zuni potters capture the hues of the desert, the mountains, the sky, in forms cherished by all who experience them. This sensitivity is a sterling example of essence revealed.

6. In classical music, Mozart reveals his essence with incredible ease.

7. In political leadership, his frontier simplicity and his sense of justice reveals the essence of Abraham Lincoln.

These are examples of essence revealed. Now let’s look at you: You have your personal essence, too. Like your fingerprints, like your DNA, it is yours alone. Like every snowflake, your essence is one-of-a-kind, unduplicated anywhere in time or space.

And, it is magnificent, as is all essence.

Only you can allow it out. Only you can reveal it. Only you can share it with your world, with the universe of lives you touch as you speak. You touch these lives with your presence, with your words——and most of all, with your state of being.

Reflect upon the great speakers you have been privileged to see. Replay——in your mind——a favorite experience watching a top speaker. Observe the stance, the moves, the look in the eyes, the choice of words, the facial expressions, the pauses, everything about this person

Is all of this contrived? Were you seeing an example of a clever performance by a skilled actor? I doubt it. You probably experienced essence revealed.

Some years ago, through a high level personal connection, I get a Press Pass, a credential that gets me into a major USA political party’s national convention.  A USA presidential candidate is to be nominated. A prominent politician wins the nomination. You’d know his name.

The time comes for him to give his acceptance speech. I manage to maneuver myself——as part of the Press Corps—— within 15 feet of where he stands. I watch him carefully. I see a masterful performance. That’s what it is——a performance. It is brilliant, except for one thing. There is no essence revealed. (In retrospect, I now feel there was no essence to reveal.)

The speech is an example of hollow excellence. Like a classic wine bottle with no wine in it. There is no heart, no soul, no authenticity.

(He loses the election, drifts into obscurity.) The memory of this speech burns itself into my brain. This may be why I have such a passion for revealed essence.

Do you choose to reveal your essence every time you stand before an audience?


1. Look within:  Look for your gift, your talent, your knack, your aptitude.

2. Tune in to your intuition, to the tug at your heart.

3. Note the field, the topic, the issue you are drawn to.

4. When you recognize it, accept it, embrace it, and engage it.

5. Study it like Leonardo, “with an unprecedented ardour of delight and curiosity.”

6. Organize your findings. Start to write articles, papers, maybe a book.

7. Promote yourself:  Cause your target market to know of your unique expertise and your availability.

Expect the confluence of these elements, powered by your energy and iron resolve, to propel you as far as you can go as a speaker.

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