Do You Use This Principle To Create Your Public Speaking Success?


by Burt Dubin on October 7, 2012

Do You Use This Principle To Create Your Public Speaking Success?

In this piece you see the principle others have engaged to move themselves from  obscurity to major success in their respective fields.  You can engage the same principle to create your public speaking success.

“Colonel” Harlan Sanders, 65, dead broke, sleeping in his battered old car, driving around the United States for years trying to convince restaurant owners to serve the pressure-cooked fried chicken recipe he named Kentucky Fried Chicken . . .

Sylvester Stallone, enduring years and years and years of rejection by every Hollywood studio as he shopped his unheard of screenplay about a mythical boxer he named “Rocky” . . .

Jan Vermeer toiling for years to divine the means of doing what no painter before him had done: painting light . . .

1. What is the principle linking Jan Vermeer, “Colonel” Sanders, Sylvester Stallone and you? Relentless diligence. This is the principle. This is the connection. How relentlessly diligent are you? If you’re a successful speaker, you know about relentless diligence.

2. If you’re not enjoying the speaking business success you long for, listen up. This is for you. For over 25 years (Where did the time go) I’ve been speaking, training, writing and mentoring at the national (now international) level.

3. Here’s proof that relentless diligence is a major key to public speaking success. I’m a good speaker, not a great speaker. I proved that anybody can be a success in this business.

My version of relentless diligence: Living in Santa Monica, (Pacific Time Zone) Up shortly after 4 AM, run 3 miles, meditate, shower, eat, dress. On the phone by 5 AM calling Eastern Time Zone decision makers. Smile and dial, smile and dial, smile and dial. Work Westward through the time zones until 9 AM. Always phoning early in the morning while the day is young.

4. Ask the right questions, always empathetic and caring. Way more concerned with adding value to a meeting than with my fee. Following up carefully. 15 hours a week of this (When not on the road) yield about 75 breakout sessions and just a few keynotes each year. Nice fees. Six figure income. Comfortable lifestyle.

5. Of course you must have words of wisdom to share from the platform. A decent web site. At least an audio demo. A video demo is better. A home office from which to function. And you gotta never give up, never give up, never give up.

6. Let’s face it, life is not fair. And yet hundreds of new public speakers move from surviving to being successful to being significant as a public speaker every year. Why not you? Do a thousand and one little things better every day. Focus on making a difference, making a difference, making a difference.

7. Model relentless diligence, model relentless diligence, model relentless diligence. It never ends.  This is the principle. This is the price you pay to be successful as a public speaker.

Success in the public speaking business: You can have it if you want it. And you’ve got to want it enough to have it.

Actions To Take:

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