Do You Use These Counterpoints To Magnetize Audience Attention?


by Burt Dubin on October 14, 2012

Do You Use These Counterpoints To Magnetize Audience Attention?

In this piece you see some secrets of engaging and riveting attention to you every moment of your public speaking program. You respond to hidden questions most people don’t dare ask.

Few speakers know this. Fewer act on it. Your audiences want to know you. They want to know what makes you tick. What makes you so smart. How you get to be here at the head of the room.


1. They want to know what matters to you. Why it matters. What beliefs you cherish. What crucibles you’ve endured. How you survived. The lessons you learned. How they can steer clear of such crucibles.


2. They are eager to know the challenges you’ve faced. How you overcame these challenges. Your strategies and tactics. The pratfalls and pitfalls you’ve endured. They long to laugh with you as you recount the red-faced moments of your life.


3. They hunger for a key to your survival strategies, how you finally got it together and how they can get theirs together too. How you heal yourself from life’s wounds. How you shield yourself from the malevolent forces abiding on this planet. How they can do so, too.


4. They yearn to know your principles, your North Star, how you decide what you will and will not do as you move through your life. And where you got those principles and why you made them yours.

They might even welcome a word or two from your mouth regarding ideal principles they can engage and live by.

Plus your values and where they came from. Why they are your values and how clinging to these values adds a glow to your life experience. And what exactly are ideal values anyway and what makes them ideal.


5. Your standards, and how they became your standards. And the significance of setting standards. And what are desirable standards and who says so.

Reveal the crucial questions of your life and how you respond to them. This leads to the significant questions of all lives and the outcomes of choices. Why you do what you do. What makes your why so important.

Your philosophy (you didn’t think I’d miss that one did you?) And from whence it comes. And why it matters.


6. OK, OK, I know what you’re thinking. What happened to my topic, Burt, what happened to why the client pays me to be here?

You deliver your topic 100%. All the rest is counterpoint. Obbligato.  Master speakers deliver a cornucopia of this relief in between the topic lines.


7. This means you actually deliver 2 programs in 1: The program they pay you for and the program sharing the essential you. Your second program is asides, off the cuff words that came to you that moment.

Finally, you don’t have to do this all in one program. You share some here, some there. Some now, some the next time. What matters most: Be the authentic you as you reveal yourself to each audience.

Success in the public speaking business: You can have it if you want it. And you’ve got to want it enough to have it.

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