Imagine You Speaking in Moscow


by Burt Dubin on December 11, 2012

Imagine You Speaking in Moscow

Sergio Tsyplakov, a senior Kremlin Official, engages you to train his administrative staff.

Why you? He read in Training magazine of your outstanding work for several USA Cabinet Departments. Your talent is that of showing people how to say words that clearly convey your intended meaning. Happily, his staff is 100% fluent in English.  Your insights are precisely what they need.

His budget is more than adequate to pay your full fee and Premier class (the Aeroflot term,) air travel. The contract is signed and accompanied by a check drawn in U.S. dollars on the Moscow branch of Chase National Bank for half your full fee. Plus your R.T. Aeroflot ticket. Life is good.

Your 10.5 hour Aeroflot Flight 101 departs New York’s JFK at 2:20 PM.  Thanks to the 6 hour time difference, you arrive at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport at 6:50 PM the same day.

In flight you are served Culinary Delights.  (Their term)  Zakuski, endless small dishes, one more tasty that the next:  Various fishes, meats, bliny, caviar, salads, as well as fine wines, keep coming until you say when.  You nod off to dreamland in your wide and surprisingly comfortable seat.

You awaken with just time to refresh yourself . . . and there you are, nearly halfway around the world, arriving at a fascinating new city.

You taxi to Moscow’s Marriott Grand, a five star hotel with all the amenities you’d expect at a top shelf Marriott.  All your staff trainings are to be presented here.  You arrive, as usual, a full day early so you have a day to sightsee before presenting for 3 full days.  You dine in this Marriott’s white tablecloth restaurant, the Alexander. You thrill your taste buds with Shashlyk, (Georgian Kebobs) and Plov (a Uzbek rice dish.)  You polish this off with yablochniy pirog, (apple pie!) Yummy!

Next morning you stroll over to to Red Square and the Kremlin. You breakfast at Drova, just off Red Square.  Words are inadequate to describe the grandeur of the Kremlin Palace and Armoury. The treasures on which you feast your eyes include the Faberge eggs and the sable trimmed Crown of Monomakh.

You had no idea how huge is the scale of the spaces and the monumental buildings. You visit St. Basil’s Cathedral and Lenin’s Mausoleum. You pinch yourself to be sure this is true . . . you, experiencing previously unavailable treasures, memorabilia and scenes . . . all expenses paid.

Mid-day you go to Café Prosto, a basement bistro near the Cyril and Methodius Statue. There, you put away solyanka and perlmeni. Home was never like this.

In the afternoon, you take the bus tour of Trinity Monastery, the Abramtsevo artist’ colony, and Lenin’s estate at Gorki Leninskie.  You complete your day by dining at Bolshaya Gruzinskaya. There you savor Jamon Serrano and Olive pate.

As you stroll back to the Marriott Grand you cannot help thinking “If they could see me now!”

The next morning and for the next 3 days you host your students in a well equipped meeting room within your hotel. As always you and your verbal communication methods are appreciated.

On the evening of the third day, Sergio Tsyplakov takes you to a fine dinner on Kadashevskaya Nab. He suggests the Ricola shrimp, and the veal filet, followed by Russian tiramisu.

You have a morning available before your Aeroflot flight back to JFK. Your concierge has pulled strings and arranged for you to attend a morning rehearsal of the Bolshoi Ballet. This is a fitting climax to your Russian adventure.

Your flight home is uneventful.  You feel blessed beyond words at having found this magnificent vehicle for your talents. You are harvesting a lifetime of magnificent memories plus a substantial fee. You can hardly wait to show all the pictures you took to your loved ones.

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