Your Potential Life as a Paid Public Speaker


by Burt Dubin on December 21, 2012

In this article you see the simple ingredients of success in the public speaking business.  You discover the 7 elements that, engaged, lead you to a life of travel, adventure, and the gratification that accompanies your adding value to organizations and people. Even better, to a high professional income.

1. One of the transcendent aspects of being in the public speaking business  is this:  You get to travel, expenses paid, wherever your talents take you. You get to see new sights and vistas, possibly new continents, new countries and cities, new horizons.  The air you breathe on distant shores yields you sensations and thrills that go beyond anything you’ve imagined. (At least this is how it is for me.)

2. You experience profound feelings from your fingertips to your toes and everywhere in between.  You are no longer like the young woman I met on a train in Northern France.  She lived in Pemberton, a small town about an hour, as I recall, from Rouen. She was a provincial. She’d never been to Rouen.

3. You, unlike that young woman, make yourself a world citizen now, intellectually and spiritually a greater you. You see all about you through new eyes. Your world expands beyond limited horizons. You own a perspective previously unimagined. A new sense of the possible appears before you.

4. You cast away the shrouds of the past. You abandon the darkness in which lesser mortals may have held your spirit hostage. You free yourself from any negatives and shackles others may have imposed upon you.

5. You break free of the bonds others may have imposed upon you. You release yourself from dogma and heresy.

6. You are on the pathway to illumination. The invisible mantle of your mastership manifests about you. You cherish your new role in life. You allow your expanded insights to add new value for the audiences you address.

7. You recognize that you are not the source. Like the water pipe carrying the water from its source to the city, you never thirst.  You are the messenger, not the message.  You are the mailman, not the envelope you deliver.

And because there is a universe of lives hungry for your words, you are rewarded beautifully. Like David in his 23rd Psalm, “your cup runneth over.”

What is the cost of getting into the public speaking business?  As I see it, (and I’ve traveled the English speaking world in the public speaking business,) it takes  . . .

1. A deep desire to make a difference

2. Resolute integrity

3. Ability to stand and speak before groups

4. Insights that add value for organizations and people

5. An entertaining way of sharing your ideas, strategies and concepts

6. Willingness to work hard as you master the rules of the game

7. Personal tenacity

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