Vienna, It’s You, You’re Speaking in Vienna


by Burt Dubin on April 2, 2013

Vienna, It’s You, You‘re Speaking in Vienna

You are referred to the Austrian electrical equipment manufacturer , Alectric GMBH, by consultant Andreas Treichl. He knows of your work for GE in the USA.

They have an urgent need for training in your specialty and they are comfortable with your full fee.

Dates are arranged and they send you your round trip business class ticket. You depart New York’s JFK on Austrian Airlines Flight 88 at 5:40 PM for your 9 hour overnight flight. Your Boeing 767 flight is comfortable and quiet.

After a lovely dinner complete with the finest Austrian wines, you nod off to sleep. 7 hours later you awaken to a breakfast of apricot juice, bratwurst, rosti, and scrambled eggs, topped off by superb coffee.

You taxi to Le Meridien Hotel.  A 5 star property, it is centrally located on the Ringstrasse across the street from the Opera. Your sleeping room is more spacious than you anticipated. This is the property in which you are to conduct 2 days of middle management training.

You are well rested.  Having arrived a full day early, you decide to walk around your neighborhood. The Ringstrasse is a magnificent boulevard adorned by one historic building after another. You find that today there’s an  afternoon performance of Die Fledermaus at the Opera so you book a seat.

First, you tour the Kunsthistorisches Museum, and see memorabilia of the history of Vienna. All this walking has made you hungry.  The  classic Bristol Hotel is at hand. There, your hauptspeisen includes tagesangbot and schmankerln, unforgettable dishes you plan to write home about.

Then you stroll a few steps to the Opera to watch Die Fledermaus. You can hardly believe you’re being well paid to have this adventure.  Oh well, somebody’s gotta do it so it might as well be you.

After the performance you go to a nearby pub for a refreshing Gosser Spezial, and to see the international parade of visitors to Vienna.  Then you’re ready to retreat to your sleeping room for a nap before dinner.

You dine at the famed Trattoria Martinelli.  There you feast on Osso Buco and wild duck ravioli.

After a good night’s sleep, you rise early to prepare your hotel meeting room for the 2 days of training you are to conduct. For the next 2 days you focus on delivering the middle manager education ordered by Alectric GMBH.

You deliver your top shelf insights and strategies.  Your examples are laced with humor and pathos.  Attendees are delighted just as you knew they would be.

The Managing Director, who you got to know as Mr. Hans Gottfried, asks you to dine with him.  He takes you to Koneg von Ungarn, a classic bistro in a hotel still in business since the 16th century. You enjoy tsatsiki and surstelze along with fine Austrian wines.

You can hardly believe the unique experiences you are having, experiences and adventures otherwise not available to you.  Best of all, you’re being exceptionally well paid for doing what you love.

You awaken next morning with a whole day available for sightseeing and Kodak moments.To get around more easily and see the most of Vienna, you hire a car and driver.

You start with the Sammlung Alter Musikinstrumente.  There you see the pianos that belonged to Beethoven, Schubert and Hayden.

You proceed to the Kohlmarkt, next to the Imperial Palace. There you walk into some of Vienna’s most exclusive shops.  You cannot resist buying souvenirs, memorabilia of your visit that are to adorn your home forever.

It is time for lunch.  You proceed to Demel Konditori, Vienna’s famous pastry shop.  There you feast on delicacies available nowhere else.

You’re ready now to just sit a while at a nearby park, the famous park adorned by a statue of Johann Strauss playing his violin.  An outdoor concert is in progress as you arrive. So you and your driver find seats and listen to Strauss waltzes for an hour.

You dismiss your driver at your hotel. You head to your sleeping room for another nap. All these new scenes and thrills test your ability to stay awake!

A couple hours later you awaken refreshed.  You stroll over to Griechenbeisl, Vienna’s oldest inn, in business since 1447.  There, you sip Austrian wine before your dinner of heringsschmaus followed by Rindsgulasch. For dessert you are delighted by Sachertorte and then Esterhazytorte.

Torted up to here, you retire early to be ready for your flight home next morning.

You awaken early next day, have a breakfast of Bratwurst and Rosti in the Le Meridien dining room.  In the hotel’s chocolate shop you pick up a package of Mozartkugel, the favorite Austrian souvenir, to share with your friends back home.

You taxi to the airport in time to board Austrian Airlines Flight 87 for your 9 hour non-stop flight to New York’s JFK airport.  There you board another flight to your home city airport.

All the while you are counting your blessings, pinching yourself to be sure this is actually true. You are happy beyond belief at having entered this amazing business, the speaking business. Where else do you get paid so well to see the world, meet exciting new friends while sharing your wisdom with organization s glad to reward you handsomely for your talent.

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