Do You Use These Positioning Strategies Now?


by Burt Dubin on April 16, 2013



Do You Use These Positioning Strategies


The people who run corporations—both the huge monoliths that have been furiously downsizing and merging, and the start-ups that have created millions of  jobs since the start of this century—are now recognizing that human capital is their most valuable asset.

Today more cash is being invested in educating employees than ever before. I intend to show you how to get your share of this bonanza.

Alvin and Heidi Toffler, in the revision to their book, “Creating a New Civilization,” say that development and distribution of information have now become the central productivity and power activity of the human race. That’s the business you’re in!  Here’s a summation of the Tofflers major points as they apply to your business now:

1. The most evolved nations—the USA in particular—are becoming information and innovation merchants. We in the USA market education and training to the world.

2. Today you can ride the wave of the changing role, significance and nature of knowledge.   Since knowledge is the new capital, you, in sharing it through your programs, create capital for others as well as yourself.

3. Knowledge, because it reduces the need for labor, time, space and capital, is now the central resource of advancing economies.  The real value of organizations depends more on the ideas, insights and information in the heads of their employees than on other physical assets.

4. Smart firms encourage their people to take initiative, come up with new ideas, even throw away the rulebook to produce desired outcomes—and to pour emotion, intuition and imagination into their jobs. As you, in your programs, show your attendees how to do this, you make yourself an even more valuable resource.

Take these actions now:

1. Position yourself as a unique educational resource.  Spice up your events with innovation and insights your audience members can use to engage their emotions, intuition and imagination as part of their daily activities. Show your audience members how they benefit by doing what you recommend.

2. Remind those who sit before you that today, more than ever, they are in business for themselves. They market their ability to deliver results to whatever organization will best reward them.

3. Be sure they know that in the brave new world of the 21st century, loyalty means loyalty to themselves. There’s no such thing as a full career with one company anymore. That’s history now.

4. Market yourself as the peerless resource you are. Create a micro-niche in which you make yourself first an expert, then a world-class expert. Don’t stop there. Follow the lead of the masters: Make yourself the world expert in your micro-niche. Then, watch your value—and your cash-flow—soar.

Make the most of this adventure!  My wish for you is that you create all the speaking business success you desire for yourself and your loved ones.

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Tayo Solagbade April 17, 2013 at 4:29 pm

Hey Burt,

You’re actually talking to me with this powerful piece, Burt!

It’s almost as if you know what I’m planning…



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