Istanbul, it’s You Speaking in Istanbul


by Burt Dubin on May 14, 2013

Istanbul, It’s You Speaking in Istanbul

Istanbul is the world’s only city straddling two continents, Europe and Asia. And you get to go there, (be still my beating heart,) all expenses paid plus your full fee. It is your dream come true.

How does this happen: Zafer Caglayan, Turkey’s Minister of Economy, hears of your work with fruit marketing colossus Sunkist in the USA. He knows that his friend, Zeynep Derili, Managing Director of Istanbul’s Izmirprobotin Ltd., a leading fig exporter, is enduring international customer service breakdowns. They need professional guidance and they need it now.

You get the call from Zeynap Derili himself. For you, a customer service expert, this assignment is duck soup. And the icing on the cake is he has some First Class Air credits from Turkish Airlines. He gives them to you.

Dates and fees are arranged, ad well as your accommodations at Eresin Crown, Istanbul’s top luxury hotel.

You arrange to fly from your home city to JFK. Your Turkish Airlines flight departs JFK at 6:50 PM for your 10 hour flight to Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul.

Shortly after your flight reaches cruising altitude, you are served a delicious aperitif together with assorted olives, nuts and exotic dry cheeses.

Then you are served Raki, a favored white liquor. After that, imam bayildi (aubergines) Then levrik pilakisi (a sea bass stew). Your dessert is a mouth watering baklava. Home was never like this!

Lulled by the muffled sound of the jet engines you easily drift off.

Hours later you awaken to the fragrance of kahve, strong Turkish coffee. Then a bowl of assorted stewed fruits, pogaca, and su boregi, (flaky pastries, and kahve.)

Your flight arrives on time. You taxi to your hotel and find a huge suite is reserved for you. After a shower, having arrived a day early to get used to the time change, you go for a walk.

At Sultanahmet Square you are surrounded by Byzantine architecture, imposing buildings. You tour Haghia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. Then the Baths of Roxelana.

You taxi to the Bazaar Quarter to have your luncheon at Daruzziyafe, a recommended bistro. You order Pazi Dolmasi followed by Islim Kabobi, then keskul for dessert. Your taste buds sing for joy!

Then it’s off to the Topkapi Palace and it’s gardens, fountains and, yes, a harem! Next is the Grand Bazaar where you snag exquisite souvenirs to decorate your home and delight your loved ones back home.

Each glorious site is followed by another. This continues all day. You savor unforgettable vistas in every direction. You capture it all in your cellphone camera.

After a light dinner in your hotel you retire early. Next morning you begin 2 days of middle manager training. All present are fluent in English. You are well received.

For dinner the second day, you are invited by Zeynep Derili to be his guest at Balikci Sabahattin, an upscale seafood bistro. He is thrilled at the difference your insights and strategies are to make for his company. He refers you to his brother in law who runs an importing company in London. (Stay tuned for this British adventure . . .)

Next morning you rise early to depart early for your 7:25 AM, 11 hour (due to headwinds) flight to JFK. You are pampered all the way back by the Turkish Airlines flight attendants.

At 11:20 AM you, check in hand, are breathlessly back at JFK. (Did all this take place in only 4 days . . .) Your Istanbul adventure is yours forever. How incredible that you discovered the speaking business!

You are grateful that you discovered how to use your talents to broaden your horizons and create unforgettable experiences while being beautifully and generously rewarded. Plus stories of your adventures to share with your loved ones. Life is good.

Make the most of this adventure!  My wish for you is that you create all the speaking business success you desire for yourself and your loved ones.

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