“Got Gigs?”


by Burt Dubin on June 18, 2013


Got Gigs?

11 savvy actions to take now——in today’s new realities ——to protect and to build your speaking business

“Tough times don’t last. Tough people do!” So said Robert Schuller.

This issue is for tough people. Readers who are determined to engage today’s new realities to get more bookings at higher fees starting tomorrow.

“Whatever way the wind doth blow, some heart is glad to have it so.”

(Credit that one to Anonymous.)

How do you engage the harsh wind battering us now? Read on for some hot and powerful actions. Take these savvy actions starting today. See your speaking business grow starting tomorrow.

1. Hold What You’ve Got: Start by holding on to the business you have now. Take this action: Respond to inquiries and possible gripes on the same day.

2. Show That You Care: Focus even more on your prospects and clients. Stay closer. Be sure they experience your caring concern for their well being in every communication you transmit. In letters, use this complimentary close, “In your service,” It works.

3. Break a Sweat: You’ve experienced emotional lows in recent weeks. So have I. So have all of us. That’s history now. Clear your mind of these negative vibes. How? One fine way is physical movement. My favorite way is a brisk 2 mile walk after the sun goes down. Here in Northern Arizona it’s cold now. I must bundle up complete with scarf, hat, gloves. I get home wide awake, red-cheeked, invigorated.

You may prefer indoor aerobic exercise. Or a workout at your health club. Or a swim. Movement enough to break a sweat. That’s the key.

4. Meditate: Another easy response is to meditate. I started meditating in 1975. This is a sure way to still the mind, to access your essence, to allow yourself to function with serenity regardless of the tumult and clamor all about you.

5. Have an Attitude of Gratitude: Hans Selye wrote that this alone, feeling grateful for everything in your life, yes even the negatives, induces a state of peace, of tranquility, enables you to cope from a position of inner strength.


“Your System is a real, indispensable friend, Burt. It’s playing a major role in my new success as a paid professional speaker. If I had to describe it in one word, I’d say it’s magic.”

Patrick Wahl, DMD, MBA, 302-654-3636 Wilmington, Delaware


6. Be in Closer Touch With Everyone in Your Life: Loved ones, friends, clients, peers, prospects and vendors. This kinship and connection, this reassurance of your aliveness and your value, makes you stronger in every way.

7. Add Value to Every Transaction: You feel better because you’re giving more than before. You’re doing your bit. Others feel better because they appreciate you and what you do for them even more.

8. Open Your Heart Even More: Consciously move up to a higher plateau of contribution to the life of everyone in your world. Be a source of comfort and hope in every way you can. To everyone you know. Some people stuff it. Stiff upper lip and all that. They hide their fear. Be there for them. Watch what happens. Lose yourself in service to others. Be a go-giver. Seek ways to cause others to feel better about themselves and their life now. The outcome is you feel better about you.

9. Believe in Your Personal Transcendence: Set new, bold goals for your speaking/training business. Do something to propel your business and your life to a desired new level. This is the perfect moment because fearful others are retrenching. Not you. You’re forging ahead.

10. Focus on NOW: Live each day fully. Pack all the value you can into every hour of every day. Value for others. Value for you. You’re here. You’re alive. You’re the “Master of your fate, the Captain of your soul.” (I wish I’d said that!) You’re in charge. You’re the steward of your talents. Live each day as if it were your last. One day you’ll be right. Remember, “I shall pass this way but once…”

11. Engage Your Higher Powers: Remember, regardless of external circumstances, you are the creator of your life experience. Let your luminous spirit light up your every attitude, thought, word, and action. Make yourself the light in your own life and the light in the lives of all others you touch.

Summming Up:

1. Hold What You’ve Got

2. Show That You Care

3. Break a Sweat

4. Meditate

5. Have an Attitude of Gratitude

6. Be in Closer Touch With Everyone

7. Add Value To Every Transaction

8. Open Your heart Even More

9. Believe in Your Personal Transcendence

10. Focus on NOW

11. Engage Your Higher Powers

BONUS: Give Yourself Away: That’s right. Do a free program for a deserving charitable organization. Years ago, I was approached by United Way. They wanted a speech to charge up the troops at the start of a fund-raising campaign. And for free. I did it, even though it was not my usual type of program. They loved it. And I felt so good about myself because I allowed myself this stretch. Try it. You have nothing to lose except your old limits, your old sense of what you can do. And you may gain a whole new sense of the possible you.

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