On Being a Master


by Burt Dubin on June 25, 2013

“On Being a Master”

The Divine Key

Faith leaders since the beginning of time tell you they have the way. The way to heaven, the way to forgiveness of your sins, the way to the holy grail, the way to immortality. This is their attitude. Do not allow it to be yours.

And always, as part of the equation, they assure you that you are to believe in them. You are to believe in them. You are to believe in them as the access, the only access, to the holy gates, to immortality.

If only this were so.

Please understand, dear reader, I do not argue with their belief in themselves. Those who sense the light emanating from within get to feel they are the source, the channel, the exclusive access to the holy gates and to immortality.

Therein lies the glitch. For me, this is where the needle stops. (Remember vinyl and the physical grooves in the disc?)

No exalted one, no anointed one, no human past or present has exclusive access to the divine key. The divine key is within everyone. It is within you. It is within you now. It has always been within you. It is unrelated to faith, to any faith.

It is related to you, to your mind, to your brain.

Please understand, dear reader, I have no argument with faith. Do continue to attend services at your mosque, your church, your temple. They need your presence and your contribution.

At the same time do not park your brain at the door. Retain your ownership of your autonomy. I mean your sacred right to filter all you hear through your B.S. filter, through the prism of your intuition.

Then to act accordingly in your own self-interest.

You’ve got this ticket, see. It’s your one-way ticket to life, your life, this life here, now, and into the uncharted hours of your physical future breathing the sweet air of this planet.

You are here. You are here now. Your life is your own.

Believe in yourself. Above all, believe in you. Lesser mortals tend to be enchanted by physical gratification. Food and sex head the list.

I do not dispute this. It is nature’s plan.

Some of us, a few of us, find our way to the mouth of the cave. (Google “Plato’s Cave.”) Some of us find our way to the light.

There we awaken to the divine potential within. This includes you. We awaken to the possible. To being what Jean Houston (Google her name,) calls The Possible Human.

Then, as Brugh Joy (Google his name,) may his soul rest in peace, said to me, “Once you have tasted the nectar, there is no turning back.”

I suppose, dear reader, that you sense your humble scribe did taste the nectar, did find his way to the mouth of the cave. And you’re right.

© Burt Dubin < burt@burtdubin.com >

“If you want to be a Master, study what the Masters

have done before you. Learn to do what they

have done and ha e the guts to do it,

and you will be a Master too.”

Joseph J. Charbonneau



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