“Do You Engage Your Divine Spark as You Speak”


by Burt Dubin on September 24, 2013

The what, the how and the wow of your speaking business breakthrough

1. The What:

What makes the difference between speakers? Some, only a few, soar to recognition and demand for their services. Most struggle and sweat, just getting by.


I call the difference the divine spark.

It’s an ineffable essence emanating from the speaker as the speaker stands before the audience. It’s an energy, a palpable energy that fills the room in which the speaker stands. Silent and profound, it inspires rapt attention in the audience awaiting the speaker’s words.

You can see it in the speaker’s stance. There’s a dynamic tension, a positive aliveness, almost a hum like the hum you may hear when you drive under high voltage lines.

You can sense it in the speakers glance. There’s a light in

the speaker’s eyes, a certain look of mastership.

You can watch it in the speaker’s walk. Purposeful, direct, with economy of motion, energy reserved for the opening words the audience breathlessly awaits.

You can hear it in the attentive silence of the audience.

You can witness it in the look in the eyes of audience members eager to drink at the speaker’s well of wisdom. And the pads and pens at the ready.

2. The How:

How do you allow your divine spark to manifest? How do you invite it to pervade every part of you and illuminate your audience? What are the actions, the steps you are to take?

I share these insights anecdotally. I do not pretend to have access to any wisdom beyond my own experience. What I say here is true for me. You alone can decide whether it is true for you.

And this may not be all there is. It’s simply what I get here and now:

First, you know why you’re here. You simply know. This is your assigned task. This is what you are to do.

Second, you take care of yourself. You are moderate in your habits. You exercise. You get enough sleep. You drink lots of water. You choose your foods with care, knowing they are to nourish your temple. You allow love into your life and you cherish that love as your most precious asset.

Third, and with regard to your call to speak, you make yourself an expert at something. You’re not content to be merely good. You aspire to be the best, the very best. And you intuitively choose an area of expertise that feels most right to you. In welcoming that rightness, you tune into the times, into what the world most needs that you are best fitted to research and share.

Fourth, you research in depth, probing under every rock,

seeking global understanding of your topic or issue. You make yourself a master. You make yourself the master of your specialty.

Fifth, you develop your platform style, your natural and unique way of personal expression. You allow this to blossom from your state of being. You let your audience be in the presence of the authentic you.

Sixth, you make yourself a marketing master. You and you alone are accountable for magnetizing decision-makers to desire your services.

Seventh, you speak from your heart. You share far more than your topic or issue expertise. You share your personal philosophy, your principles, your values, your beingness with your audiences.


Comment regarding the Burt Dubin Speaking Success System:

Burt: My word! What an assembly of information. You really put some serious time into this. “Burt Dubin’s Speaking Success System is a library full of ideas and specific techniques for the serious student of the speaking business, Burt’s guidance can be very valuable. I admire Burt’s spirit and his knowledge of this business.”

Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE, NSA Past President, Cavett Award Winner



3. The Wow:

To evoke the Wow, take these three actions. They have proven themselves to me. I commend each to you, in this order. . .

First, surrender. Surrender to your opportunity to reveal your greatness to the universe of lives you touch.

Second, allow. Allow your true radiance to be released.

Third, be. Be the ultimate you, the possible you, the model of the possible for all others.

Surrender, allow, and be. Within the deeper meaning of these 3 words your speaking business breakthrough resides. Let yourself grow. Let those you affect recognize, salute and celebrate your speaking business breakthrough and your true magnificence.

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