How to Create a Wow Audience Experience


by Burt Dubin on October 18, 2013

How To Create a WOW! Audience Experience

Engage these breathtaking techniques that
boost your delivery to star quality now!

Your preparation:

1. Get plenty of sleep,  Breathe deeply.  Groom yourself flawlessly.  Look your sparkling best.  Breathe from your belly.  Walk in like the matador you are, tall and proud.  Inhale deeply——all the way down to your pelvic bone.
Observe this making you feel like the powerhouse presenter you are now.

2. Determine in front that this is to be your best program ever!  Do this every time, every time, every time.  Make a resolute, no-stopping-me-now vow to be Damn-the-torpedos-full-speed-ahead eyeball-popping GREAT!!!

3. Commit to make this event a happening.  Design it as a vivid and memorable experience.   A transformational watershed of a turning point for every audience member.  A dazzling display of the possibilities of everyone
in your audience.  (How great they are, not how great you are.)

“You have all the answers, Burt!     I feel I’m living the life I was put on this planet to live, serving others and being happy doing it.  I firmly attest that you are the genuine article.  If anyone ever asks you for a reference, please send them to me.”
Mike Foster,   888-548-2888    <>   Dallas, Texas

Your program:

1. Start with a shocker.  Open with your big guns. Set them back on their heels.  Say something BOLD, controversial and true.

2. Build in meaningful audience interaction in at least 3 parts of your presentation:  within 2 minutes of your opening, about the mid-point, and within 2 minutes of your close.

3. Deliver your program to one person at a time.  Complete each sentence while your eyes are locked into the eyes of one other person.  This one person becomes the surrogate for every other person in the room. . .and they will all know it.  Then, let yourself pause as you select the one person to address with your next whole sentence.  Your pauses are the white space that lets your points sink in.  The experience you create is electrifying for everyone in the room when you are practiced in doing this.

“Burt, I’m so excited I can’t see straight!   Thank you for being
you and for offering this wonderful service.  You are really
making a difference in the world.”
Traci Bild, Sales Success System, Tampa, Florida

4. Share something new you’ve never shared before.  This may be from your internet research the previous evening, from the morning newspaper, from an early morning interview you just did with an industry mover-shaker big-wheel ——or from your imagination.

5. Deliver what you know in your blood and sinews, your bones and your gut.  What you’ve lived for and toiled for.  What you’ve suffered and cried for.  What you feel deep inside.  What matters to you in your heart of hearts.  What shouts at you that it must be shared.  Your passion, your purpose, your reason-to-be!

6. Speak about that which you’ve earned the right to speak about.  Address issues and topics for which you feel ardent emotion.  You’ve got fires to light.  It takes a bright blue flame to ignite others, to reach and awaken people who do not yet have your vision, your brilliance.  Speak about that which you love, that to which you have a powerful, consuming commitment.  Speak to make a difference, to make your world a better world.

7. Close with 2 or 3 extra surprise handouts.  These are each to include highly valuable information you “did not have time to include” in your event.

This is what I did in my years presenting corporate and association programs.
(Before reinventing myself as mentor to speakers worldwide.)


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