Turn Your Clients Into Ardent Advocates This Way


by Burt Dubin on February 27, 2014


Turn Your Clients Into Your

Ardent Advocates This Way

Satisfying your clients isn’t enough anymore. Not now. Not in the 21st century. Turn your clients into repeat clients by wowing them. Then convert your wowed clients into eager evangelists. Eager evangelists who tell their peers and associates they gotta hire you.

Plan to create ardent advocates who tell anyone they can buttonhole how great you and your programs are. Even better, how great your programs make them. (And that they must, simply must hire you to speak.)

Here are 11 Actions you can take now to transform your clients into ardent advocates:

1. Deliver more——more than is expected, more than is required, more than anyone in their right mind would deliver.

2. Be the authentic you.

3. Send everyone thank you notes for everything. (Most people have an unquenchable thirst for acknowledgment.)

4. Do you have staff? Treat them well. Appreciate them a lot. Run an open book organization. Create the best possible working conditions. That’s how you turn your staff into your ardent advocates, too.

5. Offer your repeat clients no air travel expense when you are to be local anyway and can do a program for them on an adjacent day.

6. Send postcards from far away or exotic places you visit. (Ray Jutkins does this. Ray sends his own unique oversize postcards, pre-addressed before he leaves home. Then he writes a personal message. That shows caring. Yes, it takes time——and folks remember him.) In all cases, of course, mail your cards from the country you’re visiting.

7. Give 1 program free with 9. Every 10th program for the same client is free. Let client pay for your travel, incidentals, meals, Learning Guides and facilities costs. Your 10th program, however, is at no charge.

8. Send a birthday card to every decision-maker and influencer who has ever hired you. Be sure your name and address are on the outer envelope together with the words Address Service Requested. That way you don’t lose them. Another aspect of this technique is to address the envelope to the person’s name c/o their company name. People do change jobs at times.

9. Have a private phone number, a direct line that rings only on your desk. Make it an unpublished number only your best clients know. When you’re away, let your private voice message say where you are, when you’ll return——and how to reach you if it’s urgent.

10. Send an anniversary card——on the anniversary of their first transaction with you——to each decision-maker or client you speak or consult for.

11. Send these folks your newsletter 2 to 4 times a year. If you don’t yet have a newsletter, consider starting one. You’ll find that it reminds folks of you—and that inquiries for your services result every time you mail out an edition.

Here are some outcomes you create this way:

Your clients like you more and think of you more because you now have share-of-mind. This is invaluable. They are more likely to refer you to their peers and associates. These referred leads trust you faster and hire you quicker. They tend to pay you more with less resistance.

Please take this recommendation to heart:

Pour your spirit and your love, your energy and your essence into your work. Lavish your best——and then some——on your clients. Your financial rewards tend to be wonderful. You’re able to provide your loved ones with the comfort, the environment, the security they long for.

Your inner rewards are even better:

Something hard to describe happens when you give your world your best. You feel deeper fulfillment. You savor a sureness that you’re justifying the space you take up and the resources you consume on this earth. This may be your highest profit of all.

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