You’re in it: The Knowledge for Profit Business


by Burt Dubin on March 11, 2014


You’re In It:

The Knowledge for Profit Business

This is so compelling, so awesome, so dazzling, I can hardly contain myself. Today’s mushrooming knowledge for profit mega-industry is to dominate the 21st century global marketplace.

And you are part of it.

As a speaker, you now operate a knowledge-based business. You leverage the enormous economic value of your knowledge and wisdom into services for your clients. You can do this over and over. You do this with the same stuff recast to satisfy varying client needs.

The 2 ladies of the evening were taking a walk on their night off. “What a business,” said one, “You got it. You sell it. You still got it.” That’s us, folks.We got it. We sell it. We still got it. “It” is management and professional education.

Let’s define the education you dispense: It is the fastest growing learning segment in society. 90% of education dollars are for learning for managers and professionals including sales professionals. 10% is for service workers and basic schooling for unskilled workers——in that order.

Here’s one example among many: Motorola is an education-intensive mega-corporation. They gain as much as US$30 in productivity for every dollar they invest in management and professional education.

The meeting rooms in downtown hotels and airport hotels are the new adult education campuses worldwide. Corporations and Associations are now the #1 adult education funding sources worldwide. You are the #1 deliverer of adult education worldwide.

This is major stuff.

Wow! Whoopee! Yikes! Zowie! Boy-oh-boy, are we in the right business now! Keep your seat-belt fastened. Stay cool. Take a few deep breaths. We’re heading into orbit together.

Here’s how you can make the most of this trend:

1. Research relentlessly, interminably. (That’s what I do.)

2. Convert your findings into organized knowledge.

3. Distill this knowledge into wisdom. You do this by translating generic knowledge into its specific meaning for each client you serve.

4. Show each client the precise actions to take to profit from your positive findings. Show them how to position themselves defensively against the dangers in your negative findings.

5. Engage this profound paradox: Rather than shower clients with your godlike wisdom, ask them tough questions that evoke deep thoughts yielding Solomon-like answers from the client.


Hitch Your Wagon To

The Evolution of the One-Sheet

When I entered the national speaking scene in 1982, (where did the time go?) the big folder crammed with details about the speaker and the speaker’s programs was the standard promo package.

By the start of the 1990s, the one-sheet emerged. That was because decision makers were just too busy to look through those thick folders.

You probably have a one-sheet. Most speakers do. Most, not all.

By the turn of the century another trend surfaced. Some of the finest, most successful speakers abandoned the one-sheet, and the video demo.

They placed everything on their web site.

This is the new trend. I want you to know and to see how you can take advantage of this trend.

Visit these web sites:




See the complete information on each speaker available on their site.

I recommend the Fripp model of simplicity and easy access.

Design your site or your one-sheet to be simple, magnetic, powerful. Be sure to include these 7 elements:

1. Your bio-profile basics.

2. Your screened head shot. (An action shot would be nice, too.)

3. Intriguing information about your market position, your programs,

your benefits & values.

4. Glowing excerpts from testimonials.

5. An offer of a demo tape: Audio, video, or both.

6. An offer of a second One-Sheet on any desired specific program.

7. On a physical one-sheet, allow space (minimum 1 1/4” x 2 1/2”) for access information. Note that there is to be no access information anywhere else on   either side of a one-sheet. Your web site must include all your access info.


Your UA 805 flight arrives at Hong Kong International Airport at 6:05 PM Tuesday, as scheduled.

You have napped away most of the day.

You started 30 minutes after takeoff at LAX with an exquisite mahi-mahi omelet following a passion fruit appetizer. M-m-m-m-m.

Later, you awoke to an unbelievable filet mignon accompanied by rare

all-white asparagus. This was accompanied by the Bealieu Vineyards 1991 bottling of their private label Pinot Noir. (How did UAL do it?)

Then another nap.

As the international expert in your specialty you’ve learned to accommodate yourself to luxurious travel. You now get more invitations to address high level groups than you can accept. Your family, after all, does come first.

The five figure fees aren’t so bad either.

You are driven in style to the five-star Hong Kong Mandarin Oriental Hotel in their Stretch Limousine. (You’ve gotten used to this, too. Strange, isn’t it, how little time it takes to develop a taste for beluga caviar and Dom Perignon.)

Your hosts, the Greater Hong Kong Executive Council, have arranges a lavish Welcome Reception and Dinner for you.

To set your stage for experiences like this, see the words below:

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