Brave New World — 1


by Burt Dubin on April 18, 2014


Brave New World—I

How the speaking business is morphing into the “Being an expert who speaks” business——and how you can engage and profit from this sea change now:

The evolution now underway:

Speakers as a genre, speakers who only speak or train, are becoming a rare breed.

This evolution is becoming clearer daily.

With this issue I initiate a series of letters explaining what is going on. Most important, what you can do to catch the wave. It won’t be easy.

You are to discover what many successful experts who speak are doing.

They are strategizing their businesses into some combination of consulting, creating customized products, in-depth long-term training, multi-month implementation contracts, assessments, performance management, and more, a lot more.

OK, I can almost read your mind: “But, Burt, I know nothing about most of this. How am I to get up to speed and compete?”

Relax. Breathe. I’m in your corner. I intend to show you what to do and how to do it in this new series.

Here’s the new reality:

Fewer speakers are targeting events as objectives. (An event is a speech, a concurrent session, a facilitation of a meeting, etc.)

More experts who speak, and remember this is what we are now, experts who speak, are using events only as door-openers.

Get that through your head, using events only as door-openers.

In fact, a handful of top speakers, with letters after their name, are presenting speeches before major targeted groups at no fee, expenses only. Their objective is recognition and acceptance as worthy experts to bring back in for multi days or longer for a very large 6, even 7 figure fee.

This was unheard of 2 years ago. It is now a growing trend. They want to show their stuff, to establish their credibility in significant showcases.

More: There are top speakers now doing on-site Needs Analysis Days for expenses only. They intend to leverage these days into multiple days at their full fee.

You’ve heard the phrase, “golden handcuffs.” In my book, this means creating the reality of knowing so much about the inner workings of the company and its senior people, their industry and its challenges, its opportunities, its possibilities, that you are too valuable to be allowed to walk away. In this series you are to learn how to be one of these valuable experts.

More yet: In the executive suite there is waning interest in small improvements in sales, market penetration, productivity, etc.

What top decision makers want from you now:

What top decision makers want now is order of magnitude boosts in outcomes. Instead of small steps, they scan the horizon for quantum leaps.

Remember these phrases. Order of magnitude. Quantum leaps.

Leaders now seek significant moves up the charts. And they desire outside experts with the chutzpah, the understanding, the brilliance, the street-smarts to deliver such outcomes.

How are you to prepare yourself:

How do you prepare yourself to thrive in this new reality?

You take simple steps one at a time.

Start by re-thinking yourself. You either take the actions to be a part of the new game or you do not qualify to play.

Actions to take: (not necessarily in this order)

1. Ask yourself whether you are to make yourself an activity specialist. (sales, productivity, market penetration, managing diverse cultures, etc.) or

an industry specialist, (i.e. heavy equipment, insurance, home appliances, insurance, etc.) or——and get this, an excellent choice——an activity specialist within an industry. This third choice rings a bell with me.

So—don’t niche yourself. Micro-niche yourself.

2. Make this choice, then proceed as follows. Surrender to the reality that you are now to do intensive research into the niche you claim. (Nobody said this would be easy.) Buy and read every book addressing your specialty. Include books on other industries so you can cross-pollinate.

2a. Subscribe to every journal, magazine, newsletter in your claimed niche. Study them intensively. (Remember what was written about Leonardo Da Vinci back in the 15th century: “From his earliest days he flung himself upon his study with an unprecedented delight of ardour and curiosity. He did not stop at mere appearances of any kind. He went on indefatigably to probe hidden laws and causes.” )

2b. Emulate Leonardo. Model Leonardo Be the Leonardo of your niche. If not you, who? If not now, when? Do you want to awaken some tomorrow, to awaken on that gloomy, rainy morning to the reality that someone else successfully preempted the eminence at hand for you right now? Is this what you desire? What are you going to do about it? Are you to hesitate and keep yourself stuck in the mire of mediocrity? If so, look in your bathroom mirror. Look deeply into your baby blues. Ask yourself, “Why am I doing this to me?”

How to start:

2c. Create a plan, a blueprint outlining your intended movements toward your intended mastership. Sign it and date it. I have a model instrument, in fact, 2 model instruments. One is called the Implementation Plan. The other is the Goals/Actions instrument.

Would you like a camera-ready of each of these plus one more as a surprise? Send me an SASE and a check for $5.00, or more. Make it payable to ““THE NSA FOUNDATION.” It’s not for me; it’s for a good cause. Cite what you want and I’ll send it to you with my compliments.

2d. Go to the largest major library you can find. Go to the reference section. Find Standard Rate and Data, a large 4 volume work. There you will find every periodical in your niche. Subscribe to them all. No cheating.

2e. Join at least 2 Associations, the members of which are your future peers and clients. Get active. Attend the meetings. Volunteer for anything. You are getting your feet wet, earning your stripes, getting your hand in the game. (Again, nobody said it would be easy.)

2f. Start to earn, I said earn, credibility and recognition. How: Immerse yourself in the lore of your niche. Be obsessive. Look in every obscure corner, under every rug, for little known facts. You are building your confidence level.

2g. Start to call the editors of every industry periodical. Editors are always hungry and eager to get their hands on brilliant content. (I recommend you go to <> Look near the top right corner for the Free Newsletters box. Click on it. Scroll down to Letter #8 and Letter #12. Print these. Study them. You are shown how to write articles and how to get your articles published.)

———————-(End of Part I of Brave New World.)————————

Burt Dubin works with people who want to  be speakers and  speakers who want to be masters.


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