Brave New World — 3


by Burt Dubin on January 28, 2018


Brave New World–—Part 3

How to make yourself a master marketer of the

outcomes you deliver as an expert who speaks

Hold on to your hat. A new, disturbing, fierce wind is blowing. “We’re not in Kansas any more, Toto.” “It’s a new world, Goldie.” The playing field is altered. The rules are changed. The game is different. 180 degrees different. Tempestuous weather is the new norm. Live with it—or leave the game.

“Whether our weather be cold

or whether our weather be hot,

you’ll just have to weather our weather——

because it’s all the weather we’ve got.”

(Attributed to Lillian Russell)

This is the new 2014 model for speaking business success. New realities and new speaking business models are in place.

In my Brave New WorldPart 1, the new realities we must live with were introduced. What decision makers want from you, How to prepare yourself, Actions to take——were all revealed.

Then, In my Brave New WorldPart 2, are nuggets from Nido Qubein, recommendations from Ron Karr, & ideas from the brilliant Jim Harris.


Burt, you taught me a lot and I am thankful. At the recent Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Convention, I was recognized by Eastman Kodak. I now speak on behalf of Kodak at State, Regional and National Conventions. I gave 2 programs at this convention. Got rave reviews. And I sold over $20,500 in back of the room sales. Even I was blown away. In addition, I have now developed 2 (Photography) Success Systems based on your model. One for wedding photographers, one for portrait photographers. Thank you. I guess my investment in your program was worth it!

Douglas Allen Box, Master Photographer (Now Speaker) 409-272-0900


Now we move on. Here are more business models that breed more success today:

Barb Distills Brilliance:

Barbara Sanfilippo shows you how to turn one program into long-term income. Listen up, this is an experience of mastership in action.

1. Target groups of CEOs, senior managers, decision makers. Refer, in the body of your program, to other services you’ve delivered. Collect business cards. Get a copy of the registration list.

2. You’re booked to present a program. Ask why they want that topic. They tell you. Then ask, “Do you want an event or do you want results?”

3. Offer this option. You do the program. Then you present a workshop or host a Retreat. You show top people what high performance organizations like theirs do. (Be sure you do the research and have the expertise to make this work.)

4. Then get them to prioritize the action steps they think they need to take to create the outcomes they desire.

5. After that you offer a Senior Executive Debrief. You share your findings.

You say something like this: “If you like, we’ll review some recommendations my company can help you implement or you can do this all on your own . . .”

6. So, for little more than the fee you ask for the speech, you set the client up to desire a long term intervention. Barb has turned some of these into 6 figure 2 year contracts.

’7. Just think, these extra sessions amount to a paid sales call in which you show your stuff to the top people with the maximum motivation to harvest the outcomes you deliver and biggest budgets to pay you.


Burt: My word! What an assembly of information. You really put some serious time into this. “Burt Dubin’s Speaking Success System is a library full of ideas and specific techniques for the serious student of the speaking business, Burt’s guidance can be very valuable. I admire Burt’s spirit and his knowledge of this business.”

Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE, NSA Past President, Cavett Award Winner



Pancero Points the Way:

Jim Pancero is one of the most astute experts who speak. Here are highlights of his speaking business wisdom.

1. Ask yourself what channels you have to magnetize business to you.

(The 2 basic channels are astute outbound marketing and dazzling inbound marketing. The latter means building your name and reputation by writing and getting articles and books published.)

2. Ask yourself how salable you are. (This includes how captivating your content is, how much you enliven your programs with stories and original humor, how much unadvertised extra value you include, (Putting the cherry on the top), how nice you are to work with, (It’s so nice to be nice).

3. Have a clear answer to this question all decision makers ask: “Why, based on all the competitive alternatives, do I want to book you?” (What makes you so valuable? What differentiates you from every other option?)

4. Get yourself a digital camera. Take pictures on site during your day of Pre-program research. (BD: Then do as some others do. Include some of those pics in your program.)

5. Create and record educational programs, whether audio or video. Six cassettes or CDs. Make it a superior product in both content and packaging.

6. Offer Associations, only Associations, a lower-than-usual fee for your program. On this condition: You have permission to give away a cassette or CD to all present in return for a business card. And, get this: The recording you give away to everyone is the first of a series of 6. This adds value at no extra cost to the decision-maker. (Jim calls this the drug dealer’s distribution method. He follows up each business card with a phone call. The phone call leads to the offer of the other 5 cassettes or CDs that complete this extra education program. Clever, clever, clever!)

7. For corporations with internal voice mail, offer to record a 2 minute reinforcing or inspirational message, one a month for the next 6 months, to place on everyone’s voice mail.

That’s it for this edition. More soon.

Burt Dubin works with people who want to  be speakers and  speakers who want to be masters.


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