Why It’s Worth Your Time


Why it’s worth your time

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     You’re reading this because you want to create more success for yourself as a:


1.  Speaker

2.  Trainer

3.  Consultant

4. Writer


You want to serve organizations.  You long to touch lives.                  You hunger to coin cash for yourself and your loved ones.


“Whoa, Nellie, who says I wear all those four hats?”




     You see, when I declared myself a speaker several years ago, I had no idea what the job description included.  Well it includes all the above plus:


5.  Researcher

6.  Organizer

7.  Simplifier 


“So I really wear seven hats, right?”


     Right.  You can’t fool an audience. They see right through sham.            They decry deceptive disguises.  They frown on fraudulent claims. 


     They don’t buy bullshit.


     And when you stand before an audience, like it or not, you are psychologically unclothed . . . bare ass naked for everyone to see.


    This harsh reality simply is.


     In  this, my Bare-ass Blog,  you harvest the naked truths of the business of speaking. 


 “But I thought speaking is a profession!”  


     Well it may be . . . and it is a business first.  And, as in any business, business disciplines apply.


“Discipline is a turn-off for me.”


   What is, is.  I can’t change the rules of the game.  I can, however, spare you my pain.  Working up to 6 figure success as a speaker was a tough struggle.  I went flat ass broke twice.  This wasn’t fun.  It was a pain in the you-know-what.


     I plan to ease your way, to simplify your struggle, to share strategies that smooth your path to success.


     You are welcome to this, my warehouse of wisdom.

Burt Dubin


Tony Camphin August 14, 2009 at 11:33 am

While I may not read all you send, I never fail to gain some benefit or some useful tip when ever I do read the material in your emails. A very sincere well done, you make a difference.
I will make time in the future to get more involved in your program.
Keep up the good work.
Kind regards
Tony Camphin

Bob Miller August 13, 2009 at 1:23 pm

Thank you for your insightful wisdom and your caring. You are a positive influence and contributor to the universal consciousness.

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