Your World As a Speaker


Your world as a speaker


     Being in the business of speaking for money is not easy.  It demands the best from us.  The market is challenging and demanding . . . looking out for its own interests and not yours.   For example, in the late 70′s / early 80′s I went flat-ass broke twice before catching hold.


     5 years later I wrenching myself up to a six figure income and personal speaking success. I felt a vast empathy for the plight of many aspiring speakers. Aspirants who did not understand what I grew to understand about the rigors of this business. 


     This lured me out of the relatively easier life of speaking and banking the cash.  I entered the more challenging life I now live as a mentor to aspiring and professional speakers.


1.  “Can you guide me?”


     Yes I can guide you.  You pay me the fees you see on my website with no compromise.  Expect me to be a tough, no nonsense, mentor.


     And there is no promise of success.  The challenges are daunting, demanding . . . and unforgiving.


     From me you harvest wisdom, empathy, and tough love.


     When you succeed it will not be to my credit.  (I simply do what I am convinced I was made and meant to do.)


2.  “What do I gotta be?”


     When you succeed it will be because of  1:  your personal character development,  2:  your bulldog blood, 3:  your unstoppable work ethic,  4: your authenticity and  5: your transparency as you speak.  Plus  6:  your diligence, and  7:  your resolute  tenacity and your sensitivity to the human condition.


     There!   The seven pillars of success as a speaker.   You got it straight and direct.  Between the eyes.   No punches pulled.   If these truths frighten you, get a job!


3.  “What outcomes can I expect?” 


   If these realities excite and inspire you, prepare for a few white hairs ahead of their time . . .


     Surrender to the possibilities of your own magnificence  . . . and to living a life lesser mortals only dream of: 


     Four and five star hotels, the finest white tablecloth restaurants.  No need to look at the right side of the menu, flying in the front cabin where the air really is better  (more oxygen,) and the service borders on the sublime, at least some of the time . . .


     And your friends and family never really understanding what you could be possibly doing for a living to afford such a lifestyle.


     Plus making of yourself a greater person, witnessing the human condition through new eyes.   Experiencing an incredible gratitude to the creator of us all for allowing you to make it through the crucible.  The crucible that defeats or consumes lesser mortals.


     You may ask, you may well ask, where can the above words come from, from whence is birthed the passion and the feeling engendering such depth and intensity.


     When you’ve been there, and survived, you’ll know.


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4.  “How do I start . . .”


1.   You send me a valid credit card # and a  back-up card # in case at any time the first one is not recognized.


2.    Within one business day I send you your  three large format, thick, Speaking Success System loose-leaf notebooks.   They contain 800 pages of the encapsulated wisdom of the speaking business.


3.    At all levels except my Sapphire Level, you also receive your Money-back Guarantee document signed by me as well as the Acknowledgement instrument clarifying and defining our working relationship.


4.   You complete that instrument, date it, and return it to me.   When it arrives I send you your first assignment and a meaningful small gift.


5.    This starts a series of tasks I give you.  Doing each task, some easy, some hard, propels you one step closer to mastership as a paid expert  who speaks.


6.    You complete each task at your own pace.  Then we speak again.  This process can be as often as every day if you work quickly.


7.    There is no limit to the number of times you call me.  In fact I prefer you to be greedy for wisdom and to speak with me as often as possible.  My Inner Circle Member in South Africa has sometimes called me several times a week.   BTW, with SKYPE and some services you can find on Google, your calls to me can cost you little or nothing.


8.    We advance as fast as you are able.  However know I require thorough completion of each task.


9.    You may expect me to be both empathetic and tough.  My plan is to cause you to bring out the best in yourself.





5.  “When do I start coining cash?”



          You may wonder how quickly you will become viable, i.e. generate income beyond the investment in my mentoring.  I don’t know, nor does anyone else.


          A few clients rocket to financial viability with amazing speed.   This is because they bring talents and experience to the table.  Unique talent immediately recognized as valuable by a market segment.


6.  “What is my risk?”


          Some of my Inner Circle Members do not ever get their career off the ground.  They lose their investment in my services.


          I identified the causes:  These start with character deficiencies.  They continue with sloth, indifference, outrageous expectations, inflated ego and unwillingness or inability to do the required work.


          About half of my clients do not succeed.  They go back to their day jobs or turn to some easier activity.


7.  “What are my rewards?”


          Many of the other half become journeyman level speakers, earning, in US dollars these days something in the low six figures.


          A few move on to whatever level of stardom they are capable of attaining.


          All, however, know they have had their chance.   And that they are responsible for what they make of themselves.


          That is why speaking is a rocky and magnificent road.


          And this is the future you face . . .




Burt Dubin


Burt Dubin August 18, 2009 at 7:07 am

H Chris,

The details are on my website
Or you can cal me at 800-321-1225 or +928-793-3303.


Chris Whiteley August 17, 2009 at 10:37 pm

How much does it cost?

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