Your Highest Potential


Your highest potential


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Every person is born a genius.   You are no exception.


     In 1912, then Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., said “Most people die with their music still in them.”


    Don’t be one of these people.


“What are my chances?”


     You have within you a spark of the divine.  You carry the seeds of greatness in your genes.   You are a gift to the world.  You own a unique competence.  An ability not seen ever before.  And it is not to appear ever again on this earth.


     ((Think of a snowflake:  Did you know every snowflake is unique, different from every other snowflake.   If the Creator of    us all causes every snowflake to be unique, is there a shadow of a doubt in your mind that the same loving Creator made you unique, too.)


“Can you light my fire?”


    Yes, if you can listen and act.  In my Bare-ass Blog you may be spurred to awaken your spark so you can fan it into a flame.   I mean a spark already within you.  A spark awaiting your call.  This is your spark of genius.  And you alone can allow it to be engaged for the good of everyone you touch with your genius and your words.


“What one act helps me the most?”


     Listen to your inner voice, your intuition.  When you listen to your inner voice, when you heed its guidance, when you allow your better angels to lead you, you allow yourself to become a Ram Dass, a servant of God.


    When you surrender to your highest purpose, when you give yourself to your highest purpose as you give yourself to your lover, wondrous outcomes emerge.


    When you love something enough, it reveals all its secrets to you.  The “something” to which I refer, is the object of your study, of your introspection and your love.


“What happens then?”


     As surely as the shadow follows the form, insights arrive in your awareness.  Insights and inspiration concerning what you can do to improve something about that which you study, ruminate about, and love.


     You discover your Work.


“How did you figure all this out?”


     In 1976 I was a Realtor.   I owned a home on Shorecliff  Road.      On Sunset Mesa.  In Malibu, California.   I was so successful selling real estate that I could easily afford that ocean view home.   I lived in an affluent community most people do not ever get to visit.  My inner voice nudged me.  It wagged a finger at me.  It reminded me of my gift. It told me I was not adding value to my world to the extent I could. 

It told me I could make more of a difference.  


“What did you do then?”


     I quit selling real estate.   I invested 2 years walking on the beach, meditating, becoming (at the time) a vegetarian (a real nuisance to my friends when invited to dinner!)  I stopped drinking, gave away cases of excellent liquor, I started running.  I lost 40 pounds of excess weight. Kept it off to this day.  I started taking non-credit courses at UCLA. 

I studied history, philosophy, comparative religions. Read many biographies.  In a word, I surrendered.  Now I realize I was going through a personal development and purification process, getting ready for higher work.


“and after that . . .”


     The intuitive message came to me:  Share your life lessons with the world.  I started a 501 c-3, a non profit corporation, Personal Achievement Institute.  It remains my operating entity.   I wrote a seminar, the Personal Achievement Training.   Presented it every month for 4 years in the Los Angeles area.  Became an excellent facilitator of group process.  Went broke.


“It seems to me I’ve heard that song before. . . .”


     Picked myself up off the mat.  Got a job with a seminar company.  Started traveling North America presenting their seminars.  Then they went broke.


“What’ja do then?”


    Started marketing myself as a speaker nationally.  Went broke again.

Studied the speaking business that by then I loved, with a ferocious tenacity.  Figured out the rules of the game. Restored my fortune.  Enjoyed six figure success again.


“At last . . .”


     Not so fast. My journey wasn’t over. The next insight arrived:  My gift was mentoring speakers. I walked away from a sure six figures.  Created the Speaking Success System.  Started from scratch once more.  Again moved up to six figures.  Found fulfillment.   Found my gift, my true calling.   And waited for your call so I could ease your journey . . .


Burt Dubin

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Mark Henderson July 15, 2010 at 12:42 pm

By the looks of things, I’d say you’ve blazed a beautiful trail for others aspiring to awaken their purpose. Bravo, my good man, and God Speed my own journey along your path.

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