BootCamp II

Discover street-smart wisdom you can use to rocket your fees and your bookings to higher levels now.

BootCamp III

Master these strategies. Advance from ordinary performance to magnificent performance as a presenter and as a marketer.

BootCamp IV

See how you can design your speaking business destiny; Create the outcomes you long for easier and sooner.

BootCamp V

Experience these inside speaking business success secrets. Plus get sure-fire ways to create your lifetime annuity via easy-to-produce products.

Presentation Magic

Create magnificent programs starting from scratch on topics you know nothing about and never presented before.

Program Manual

Capture these techniques. Produce Program Manuals / Learning Guides so valuable your attendees won't let them out of their sight. They treasure these mementos of their time with you.

Triple Play

Seize these strategies. Use them to generate 50 to 75 full fee gigs for yourself each year.

Burt Dubin Live

Harvest these techniques now. Master showmanship and audience involvement. Create memorable audience experiences. Get a huge Learning Guide too.

BootCamp II

Discover street-smart wisdom you can use to rocket your fees and your bookings to higher levels now.

BootCamp III

Master these strategies. Advance from ordinary performance to magnificent performance as a presenter and as a marketer.

BootCamp IV

See how you can design your speaking business destiny; Create the outcomes you long for easier and sooner.

BootCamp V

Experience these inside speaking business success secrets. Plus get sure-fire ways to create your lifetime annuity via easy-to-produce products.

Presentation Magic

Create magnificent programs starting from scratch on topics you know nothing about and never presented before.

Program Manual

Capture these techniques. Produce Program Manuals / Learning Guides so valuable your attendees won't let them out of their sight. They treasure these mementos of their time with you.

Triple Play

Seize these strategies. Use them to generate 50 to 75 full fee gigs for yourself each year.

Burt Dubin Live

Harvest these techniques now. Master showmanship and audience involvement. Create memorable audience experiences. Get a huge Learning Guide too.

“If you’ve got 2 hours a week and $177
a month that you faithfully invest,
I promise to turn you into
a high earning public
speaker within
2 years”

“This home study strategy
prepares you to engage economic forces
now in play . . . and to start banking $1000 to $1500
per hour speaking for Associations . . . because
of powerful pressures forcing decision
makers to welcome you like they
never did before!”


Your opportunity window

Decision makers who select speakers for Trade and Professional Association annual conferences have their backs against the wall . . .

Their conferences absolutely must be held despite formidable budget gaps. Their choices of paid experts who speak are vital to protect, preserve and perpetuate dues income from their Members . . .

Your Leverage:

You. as an aspiring National Speaker, may now leverage today’s economic maelstrom to bootstrap your way onto the national stage . . . slicing years off your learning curve if you grab for the golden ring while the door is open.

This is because you have a rare edge unavailable in normal times. A chance to slip quietly into the six figures a year public speaking business . . .

You see, weak players, gutless wonders I call them, are abandoning the game. They are throwing up their hands, giving up, going back to their day jobs. They are letting their dream die——and making way for you . . .

Sure, speaking fees are down, way down. Yes, there are fewer gigs to go around. Decision makers have to deal with slashed budgets . . .

Still, they gotta hire the best experts their fewer dollars can attract. This is an Open Sesame for you to slip in before the door slams shut.

And my 2 year home study plan equips you to get ready to speak nationally while you’re in the comfort and leisure of your own home . . .

Trumping that, I show you in your complimentary Bonus Reports how to generate both experience and several hundred dollars cash flow a month in nearby venues right out of the gate, as a novice speaker. Better yet, you do it an easy drive from your home . . .

If you do this, then your home study plan is cost-free. In fact, you make cash profits each month, every month, while you’re discovering the secrets of the public speaking business . . .

Take me to the Order Form, Burt.

The easiest market you can enter:

As you know, the Trade and Professional Association market is the safest, surest, simplest market for pubic speakers. This is because to keep inbound dues flowing, Associations have to deliver value in their National Meetings.

Dues-paying Members demand value. And most of that value is received by attending the Annual National Conference. Members hunger for ways to be more effective in their business and in their personal lives, too . . .

So newer speakers bearing insights, strategies and stories that assuage this hunger find the red carpet rolled out for them. They own a winning hand. This is because they’re thrilled to receive a fee way below what others want.

You see, decision makers, stuck with slashed budgets gotta make do the best they can. And yet they continue to demand more bang for their buck . . .

You can fill the bill for them for fees they can afford to pay now. And you can keep your day job, listen to the CDs as you drive, and make your notes in your large format Learning Guides in the evenings . . .

So don’t miss a word of this. Pull up a chair and hear me out . . .

You’re about to see what I’m prepared to do for you.

Take me to the Order Form, Burt.

Here’s where you ace the winning edge:

Seasoned speakers like me demand $3000 to $6500 for a I hour breakout
(concurrent) session. You, happy to accept $1000 to $1500 (Always plus your travel, lodging, meals and incidentals), become irresistibly attractive.

You need to know what sells, why it sells, and how to present it the way they want it. I show you the ropes, save you years of goof-ups, get you in the game, all for a token investment . . .

Do you yearn to make yourself eligible, qualified and desirable to fill these $1000 to $1500 slots at national conferences and conventions?

Look, it’s not your fault if you haven’t been able to afford my $15,000 to $25,000 mentoring programs. You’ve been plain locked out of the business because of the economy. But, now you have a chance to play with the big boys. You can now enter the pantheon if you act while the door is open . . .

Are you willing to invest $177 a month for 2 years (instead of $15,000 to $25,000,) to get yourself eligible, qualified and desirable, to become the speaker of choice, to become all but irresistible to fill slots that must be filled?

And to make yourself ready while you keep your day job! Then to start part-time speaking for $1000 to $1500 net per hour on your days off!

Stay tuned because I’m ready to show you how . . .

Your 5 easy actions:

1. Listen to your CDs as you drive. Make your driving time learning time.

2. At home, play each CD once more. Make your notes in the ample spaces provided in your Learning Guides . . .

3. Expect to dedicate 2 hours each week to mastering these Public Speaking Success Strategies. This is how you get ready . . .

4. When you’re ready, do some practice speaking for local service clubs like Rotary, Kiwanis, etc. Virtually every community has several of these, hungry for guest speakers for their 52 meetings a year. You receive a Bonus word.doc from me showing you exactly how to do this.

5. After you do a few 20 minute service club programs you start presenting 1 to 2 hour programs for nearby Chambers of Commerce. I send you a Bonus PDF showing you exactly how to do this. You can easily earn several hundred dollars per Chamber program using my strategy . . .

You may send me one recording of a Chamber program you deliver. I will listen to it and give you a critique, (I waive my usual $600 fee for this one critique. It is complimentary . . . I may change my mind about giving this away so don’t let any grass grow under your feet or you will miss out . . . )

Play your cards right and you’ll soon be an experienced presenter . . .

Take me to the Order Form, Burt.

What makes me so smart:

My name is Burt Dubin. For the past 20+ years, aspiring speakers have discovered me and engaged me as their mentor. Many of these have gone on to 6 figure success, blaming me for their new life experience . . .

Truth be told, they get the credit because they simply did what I guided them to do . . .

Did you know this: I’m a high school dropout. My father took off leaving my mom with me and 2 younger sisters. I quit high school and went to work to support my family. I have no college degrees. I’m a product of the gutter. That’s where I minted my principles and values.

A kid from nowhere, I went on to become a major success. Believe me, if I did it with struggle, sweat, and hard work, you can too . . .

My earlier career was as a salesman, always leading the pack. Then I was a successful national speaker, cracking the code, so to speak, reveling in 6 figure success for years. This led me to empathize with struggling speakers.

I chose to abandon my thriving speaking practice and become a mentor to aspiring speakers. Most of my clients succeed because they do the work! This is not like rolling off a log. Be willing to do the work! You’ll find the game is worth the candle, many times over . . .

I promise you that if you simply pretend I know my stuff, make believe I know what I’m talking about, and proceed to faithfully do as I guide you to do, then you’ll be my next success story . . .

Take me to the Order Form, Burt.

Your Perks:

These are always paid for by your client, the organization hosting the conference or convention:

Picture you staying at 4 and 5 star hotels, often at exquisite resorts you’d otherwise probably not ever get to visit, all expenses paid . . .

Imagine you dining is some of the finest white tablecloth restaurants and bistros on this planet, paid for by your client . . .

Envision you (and your significant other) sharing adventure at the venue, often with 2 or 3 extra nights comped by your client. (I’ve had extra nights in Europe, in Manhattan, in Orlando and other great destinations.)

See you, with your round trip air fare paid by your client at some exotic destination, taking a few extra days on your own to experience the culture and the people and the attractions you’d probably not see as easily on your own.

Visualize you breaking bread with CEO’s, Presidents, Managing Directors, each eager to pick your brain because you are the expert from afar.

Take me to the Order Form, Burt.

Your upscale life experience:

You can anticipate moving up to a nicer home in a better neighborhood or maybe an entirely different location. (Years ago, with my second wife, I easily bought and lived in a lovely ocean-view home in Malibu . . . )

You may choose, and easily afford, a golf community or a tennis community or maybe get your family an upscale horse ranch or something else appropriate for your taste and desires . . .

You may want your children educated in a Private School. (As I did:
I enrolled my 2 sons in Miss Buckley’s School in the Sherman Oaks hills.)

You can surely anticipate not having to even glance at the right side of the menu when you dine out . . . and to experience dining rooms most people do not. (I have among other great restaurants in Australia, Europe, Canada and Bermuda, dined at the 21 Club and at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.)

Remember, this level of public speaking success is NOT easy money.
To make yourself a master of this business there is work to do. Sending me money does not make you a public speaking success. Doing the work I guide you to do does lead you inevitably to six figure success as a speaker . . .

Take me to the Order Form, Burt.

Here’s your outrageously underpriced ticket to national speaking:

I produced 8 live events at which I spilled my guts, shared my secrets . . .
secrets harvested during years of struggle, suffering and sweat . . . secrets that catapulted me to international speaking (OK, in English-speaking countries).

They were all presented live before real audiences, professional edited and recorded, all on top quality CDs. You get these, one every 3 months.
I include the complete Program Manuals participants at the live events received to take their notes as you can too.

These are physical products you hold and touch. They are NOT digital.

Each usually goes for from $477 to $777 plus shipping and handling. Each includes a one-year no-questions-asked money back Guarantee of delight. Hardly any ever come back because they are so authentic and valuable. All are available on my website now in the PRODUCTS Section.

You, however, get a special deal while it lasts. (I may change my mind at any time.) All you do is authorize me to charge your credit card $177 each month.) Within North America, I absorb the shipping and handling . . .

Plus you get each for $477 and not $777.

Every 3 months I prepay to you another home study training program, even the more valuable $777 training programs. (You even get some mentoring with The Triple Play training package . . . )

Take me to the Order Form, Burt.

In a nutshell, here’s what you get:

Eight Home Study Courses, including 75 professionally recorded and edited CDs, 540 large format pages with ample space to write your notes.

1. Clear strategies, so you can design and present entertaining, content-packed learning experiences, the same as I presented for over 20 years. (You actually hear me doing this in every 100% live event before real audiences.)

Each CD and each page of your large format Learning Guides is a building block in the foundation of your public speaking business . . .

2. Marketing actions you take from your own home. These are designed to yield you, at the start, 2 to 5 speaking-training gigs every month @ $1000 to $1500 net to you (plus all your expenses) for each and every event you present. Look, don’t think this as simple as rolling off a log.
You gotta take the strategic actions I show you. That’s the part you play.

3. On top of that, you bank 50% of your fee at the time of the booking.
(This is trade custom because you take that date off your calendar . . . )

Of course, this is while you are learning and presenting your early programs. After you are experienced and get fine Evaluations and Testimonials, you can expect to double that and more. (Some of my graduates average $7500 and up per program . . . )

So take me to the Order Form, Burt.

P.S.1 I may change my mind about this at any time so get it while you can.

P.S.2 You may say STOP any time you are not thrilled with what you get.

P.S.3 As you can see by reading the testimonials lining the right side of this page, you get transcendent value. For a token $177 each month plus faithfully doing the assignments, you jump-start your public speaking career.
(And you tell your boss what he can do with his job!) Considering all this, can you think of any reason to struggle and sweat to reinvent the wheel?

P.S.4 And you get 6 valuable PDF / Word doc Reports free. (These sell for a few hundred dollars.) They are:

1. 177 Wow! Wow! Showmanship Stratagems (With these, you add entertainment to every program . . . )

2. Penetrating the Corporate Market (Million dollar secrets few speakers know and even fewer act on . . . but you will now . . . )

3. Positioning Magic (Everything you need to know to make yourself unique and special . . . )

4. Rules for Maverick Speakers (Exactly what it says . . . priceless!)

5. Marketing Chamber of Commerce Events . . . and
Marketing Corporate in-house Trainings . . .

This Double Report reveals how to generate revenue quickly
when you’re brand-new. (It’s how I broke in to speaking.)

6. Get Paid for Who You Are by David Wood . . .

P.S.5 Plus, you get my critique of one of your speeches. ($600 value.)

P.S.6 In addition, if you complete the Weekly Reports, you then get complimentary mentoring with The Triple Play. This alone is worth several hundred dollars . . .

P.S.7 Let’s face it, this window of opportunity won’t last forever. You know tough times don’t last. And I don’t expect to offer this easy-to-get package of goodies ever again, once I can easily get a whole lot more for it . . .

In your service,

OK, I’m ready, Burt. Take me to the Order Form right now.


Here's what others
have to say:



You're different from others, who do what you do, because you help people make the most of themselves, as human beings. Not just in their "lives" as speakers. It's something anyone who has studied your background, will readily see that you have also done for yourself. Which is why I'm not surprised your organization is called "Personal Achievement Institute"!

Cheers Burt,

Tayo Solagbade, Lagos, Nigeria


Wisdom, business savvy, wit, and compassion are only a few of the delights I received when working and learning from Burt. His profound knowledge of the realities of the professional speaking world made all the difference for me.

He eagerly shared his wisdom with me. Burt was a major contributor to my growth as a paid expert who speaks. For this I am deeply grateful.

Working with Burt proved to be the best, the very best investment of my time and money.

With profound respect,

Eileen Strong, 732-389-3868
Eatontown, New Jersey



It's good to see you are kicking/thinking/sharing/ urging shining tomorrows for all your readers.

I still use the introduction you helped me frame a decade ago when, as a new speaker, I was your Inner Circle Member.

This was before I thought of this being an actual career, long before my-now 7 books-long before honored as CPAE hall of fame speaker.

These ruminations are prompted by receiving your thought-filled and relevant article today.

All good wishes.

Bob Danzig, CPAE


"Our first full year of business is in the books. Without the invaluable guidance you, Burt, provided what we achieved would have been impossible. YOU helped me form the successful foundation.

Starting without a single client or prospect we finished the year with paid work in 18 different states, exceeded our revenue projections by 20% and have already booked quadruple the business in first quarter 2010 than we had 1st quarter 2009.

All this in the worst economy in 25 years (so they say) and due in no small part to your guidance and coaching. THANK YOU sir.

John Gregory Vincent, <>
The CURE for the Common Workplace


" - that's what the speaking business is all about. It has been several years since I first purchased Burt Dubin's Speaking Success course and I still refer to it when sales slow down. When I was earning my CSP, I had to book 50 paid speaking engagements a year consistently for 5 years and many of Burt's marketing techniques helped keep my schedule full. If you want to really know the inside secrets of building a successful speaking career and not just a few one shot speaking engagements, Burt's program is what you need.

Bob Oros, CSP, CMC


Burt - what an amazing journey. Just completed my 6000th speaking event. At the base of the mountain, when I first started, YOU were there. Thanks for the education, information and inspiration you provided me when I first began. You are a mensch!!

Ted Fattoross


If you yearn for more bookings . . . higher fees . . and a delicious cash flow, stay tuned. I found Burt Dubin years ago when he spoke for a PSA Convention. I have relied on Burt for speaking business guidance . . . and I continue to do so today.

Molly Harvey , past-president PSA (Professional Speakers Association-U.K .)


If I hadnít been mentored by Burt Dubin, I would not be where I am today. I wouldn't be speaking professionally 75 times a year, I promise you that. Where I give him the greatest credit is he taught me the secret to being successful. Burt's got a pulse on what today's decision maker is interested in and what appeals to them.

Jeff Rendel - (951)-340-3770



You are wise and wonderful! I'll tell you the further I get into this speaking business, the more I appreciate the detail and amount of information you placed in those 3 binders. WOW! Truly a whole world of learning on your part! And please quote me. I mean every word of this!

Kristie Tamsevicius



There is no way I can ever repay you for all the great guidance I've received from you during the past 10 years. You have helped me to succeed.

Ted Garrison, CSP


Burt Dubin helped me go from zero, meaning from not working, to an up and going seminar business in one month.

When I asked him how much I should charge, he said, 'whatever value you are delivering.' (I started out at $3000 plus expenses and travel right out of the chute.) It's been quite an adventure. My business and speaking career have been climbing ever since.

Burt is a very gentle soul. He has depth and incredible insights. He teaches you to find the magic moments in your life and then project them to your audience.

One last thing: Burt truly cares about taking care of you. He helps you see how important you are. He speaks to your soul if you let him. He helps you let your inner power out.

I am very thankful to know Burt and to be a Member of his Inner Circle."

Nani Linder
Spokane, WA 509-467-7714


Burt is one of the most genuine people I have met, particularly in this industry. I know because I was in his Inner Circle. His materials are wonderful and they are updated all the time. I think this is well worthwhile.

David Price, CSP
1997-8 President National Speakers Association of Australia
1998-9 President International Federation for Professional Speakers
Perth, Australia


Burt, you are truly a Godsend. Thank you for coming into my life.
You are helping me cultivate this natural, raw spirit into a magnificent, powerful speaker.

Suzanne Fortune
Monroe, Washington


If you have ever dreamed of being a paid professional speaker, seeing the world, as I have, making new friends and associates, highly placed people with influence and street-smarts, staying in the best hotels, being treated like someone of importance-- and being very well paid for your expertise--listen up:

The man who took me under his wing when I was a brand new, green as grass speaker, is Burt Dubin. He is my continuing guide today. I have invested tens of thousands of dollars with other so-called speaking mentors. All wasted. Nobody holds a candle to Burt. They couldn't even shine his shoes.

Call Burt. Tell him I sent you. Get a no-cost initial consultation addressing your chances of six-figure success in the exciting adventure of being a paid speaker. Do it right now while it is on your mind.

Mike Foster
Foster Institute, 888-548-2888


Omigod Burt! Your mentoring worked.

You inspired me to turn my passion into a book called Manifesting Your Soulmate: The Skillset for Women Over 35. And I'm speaking to groups and coaching individuals to successful relationships!

Thank you, Burt. You're the best.

Patricia Fuqua,
Author and Life Coach


To say that your Speaking Success System is the best would be a great understatement. There's simply nothing else worthy of comparison. I'm being booked by 4 speakers bureaus now. I'd love to hear from anyone who wants to know more about the power of the Speaking Success System.

John Kinde, 702-263-4363,
Las Vegas, Nevada


My coach as I began the journey into the speaking world was Burt Dubin and I would recommend no other! His advice was invaluable in putting together my business of speaking. He is encouraging, motivating, insightful, and readily available to assist in any way he can. Burt's wise counsel shaved years off of my learning curve and easily added tens of thousands of dollars of income to my bottom line. If you want to take your speaking career to the next level and beyond, by all means, have Burt Dubin by your side! He has my wholehearted endorsement! I truly am thankful for Burt's mentorship and friendship!

Chris Widener
President, Made for Success
Issaquah WA 425-444-4625



I treasure your work with me. Your mentoring got me to a feeling of professionalism along with finding my passion and spirit as a speaker. You have made a difference in my life and my career, and I owe it to you.

I am raising morale and transforming lives, Burt, and it's all thanks to your research on my behalf.

Rosalie Moscoe, Toronto, Canada.


Burt Dubin is my mentor and coach. He assists again and again to get my speaking and my business to the next level. I am living my dream because Burt, he is the best!

Be Someone, Inc. is the youth development organization I created. It uses the game of chess to teach youngsters the game of life.

Orrin Hudson
Achievement Strategy Expert


Burt created a condition in which I, as a speaker, took a quantum leap in the direction of my dreams. Mastery became possible. I moved from aspiring to thriving. Specifically, in just the first 3 months of Burt's mentoring me, I used concepts he gave me to get a $15,000 contract from a major State Government and a $22,000 contract from a major corporation. Anyone with the slightest doubt about the transcendence of Burt's mentoring is welcome to call me.

Joyce Pike
Delmar, New York


It was my pleasure to sit at the feet of Burt Dubin, as part of his Inner Circle group over the past year. His powerful wisdom and practical applications have, and will continue to serve me fantastically.

However there is one reason above all others that I would recommend Burt and his system. Burt taught me the single most valuable thing any new, talented speaking professional needs to learn:

How to actually make a good living at it.

Louie Gravance,
Orlando, Florida


Burt, you taught me a lot and I am thankful. At the recent Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Convention, I was recognized by Eastman Kodak. I now speak on behalf of Kodak at State, Regional and National Conventions. I gave 2 programs at this convention. Got rave reviews. And I sold over $20,500 in back of the room sales. Even I was blown away. In addition, I have now developed 2 (Photography) Success Systems based on your model. One for wedding photographers, one for portrait photographers. Thank you. I guess my investment in your program was worth it!

Douglas Allen Box
Master Photographer (Now Speaker)


I'm so excited I can't see straight! Thank you for being you and for offering this wonderful service, You really are making a difference in my world.

Traci Bild
Dynamic Performance International
Tampa, Florida 813-390-3349


Your System is a real indispensable friend, Burt. It's playing a major role in my new success as a paid professional speaker. If I had to describe it in one word, I'd say it's magic.

Patrick Wahl, DMD, MBA


You are the proverbial walking encyclopedia, when it comes to the science and practice of speaking. Your commitment, your diligence, your integrity, your unbelievable capacity to help me, is unequaled. You live and bring value and splendour and meaning to my life. I'm a full-time conference speaker now, touching the lives of thousands of people every month. In deepest appreciation . . .

Claude Moller
Pretoria, South Africa


Burt Dubin is a giant in the professional speaking business. Anyone who is anyone in the industry knows who he is -- and reveres him.

As one of his Inner Circle, I was exposed to people who have become great friends, information that has made me significant amounts of money and was exposed to resources, strategies, tactics and tools I use every day.

Burt believed in me when I didn't always have much belief in myself. I count him as a friend and mentor.

Michael Angier (


Thanks Burt, your fees for your program are covered just by this contract alone and then some!

And this is just the beginning.

I never would have positioned myself like you had me do it and so all i can say is Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You!!!!!

In such a short time of our working together too--like two weeks or so! AMAZING and we haven't even gotten to speaking yet.

Sharon Quarmby
Corporate Marketing & Sales Strategist
Shelly Beach, South Africa
+(27) 76-197-0770


Burt, your program gave me the marketing skills and business savvy I needed to create a successful speaking business. Thank you for the time and energy you invested in me.

Jana Stanfield, CSP,
Nashville, Tennessee


Wow, Burt -

You really did help me - you got me focused on how to position my services, explain my benefits to meeting planners and concentrate on prospecting. This is no small feat. I truly appreciate your guidance when I needed it most to get my business off the ground! And you can quote me on that!!

Thank you,

Sandy Geroux,
Orlando, Florida,